PRIVATE PRACTICE “Remember Me” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 5, Episode 4 “Remember Me” – Now to addition to the taking to the shrink motif, Private Practice is opening with metaphors. Much as I like literary references, this is not an upgrade.

The patient of the week for tonight’s “Remember Me” is the couple from 50 First Dates, but less cute. The wife remembers everything from before her car accident, but in the present day she forgets things as soon as you tell her, including the fact she’s nine months pregnant. With this couple, the husband plans on leaving her and taking the baby as soon as she gives birth. Doesn’t he know he’s suppose to spend every day making her fall in love with him?

The birth scene was brutal. When the father finally came in to be with his wife it seemed like a happy ending, and then they delivered the blow that there will never be a happy ending for someone who can’t recognize their own child.

Amelia isn’t given much of a storyline, just enough to remind us that she’s a practicing neurosurgeon who’s been sober for three whole days. Can’t she go spend some time wherever they sent Richard?

It was cute to see Cooper get so excited about the prospect of having a kid, and getting practically giddy over the similarities they shared. Fries in strawberry milkshakes! Who needs some so scientific as a paternity test? I really don’t know what Charlotte expected to happen when she payed off Cooper’s baby-mama. Cooper was so thrilled with the prospect of getting to know his kid, there was no way he would have let him go without giving it a second thought. he’d track him down and eventually find out what Charlotte had did. And so they threw idiot and bitch back and forth once again; really they’re only about two years for getting the two labels stitched on his and hers pillows as Valentine’s Day gag gifts at this point. It’s too bad he was too drunk when she announced his official paternity for him to have much of a reaction.

Pete and Violet’s relationship is more frustrating. Pete is being a cruel jerk, but Violet’s also being insufferably obnoxious, so it’s hard to really get on either side. Mostly I’m on Sheldon’s side, the poor guy who’s trying to help them both while getting stepped on. It’s really sad how quickly he can go from understandably angry at Violet questioning his abilities at a therapist to genuinely concerned about her mental state in the face of Pete’s cruelty. I’m also wondering if the texting chain announcing Cooper’s fatherhood was a clue of a future relationship between Sheldon and Amalia. They’d make a cute May December relationship to add to the Private Practice couples canon, though it seems like Sheldon might be a bit of an enabler.

And finally there is the crazy situation of Addison and Sam. They seem to have worked through the condom phase of the pregnant with someone else’s baby situation nicely, but it seems the hormone induced insanity might put them over the edge, which might be for the best, because how can you live with someone who doesn’t want a baby when you have an infant? It’s also possible the lady and the tiger story means when hopped up on hormones Addison plans on bringing Sam to the zoo and locking him in with the jungle cats. It’s all about foreshadowing.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Sam leave Addison?