Exclusive Interview: HUNG’s Analeigh Tipton Talks About Sweet/Crazy Sandee, Picking Acting Over Modelling & Warm Bodies

Analeigh Tipton

If you have been following this new season of Hung, you have already meet Sandee played by Analeigh Tipton, the sweet and seemingly naive girlfriend of the new hooker in town Jason. Last week, we started to see a different side to Sandee when she brokered a deal to pimp out Jason for …wait for it…a flat screen TV.

Daemon’s TV had the immense pleasure to catch up with the wonderfully talented and extremely charming Analeigh Tipton about her take on her character, her approach to her career and her latest experiences on the set of Warm Bodies.

Check out what she had to say below and catch up with Sandee in the upcoming episode of Hung “F*ck Me, Mr. Drecker” or “Let’s Not Go to Jail” which airs this Sunday October 23 at 10 pm.


Let’s talk about you on `Hung’. Sandee is definitely one of my favorite characters this season. How did you get involved with the show?

Analeigh Tipton: Through an audition. Actually I went in for the character of the student Mr. Drecker teaches. And they called me back for Sandee. And then I did a chemistry read with the character of Lenore, with Rebecca. And it just kind of was quite fitting. And as soon as my people were like, `It’s TV. But it’s “Hung“. It’s HBO.’I was like, `Of course.’ To be on that show is kind of an honor.

And so tell us a little bit about Sandee. who is she?

Analeigh Tipton: Who is Sandee? That’s a good question. Sandee is a very complicated, dynamic young lady who really just loves turtles and baking and Disney. And she loves those hot pink like towel pants. She’s really into like mall shopping and she’s smart. She knows how to capitalize the situation at hand, which is pimping out her fiancé. She wants money. She wants things. And she has a bit of a schizophrenic, or you could also call it bipolar, tendencies. Where one moment she’ll just be this flowery, naive seeming young lady. And then she’ll switch and become completely crazy.

In the upcoming episodes, we’re going to start to see a little bit more of Sandee and those aspects of her personality?

Analeigh Tipton: Yeah, I think this season Sandee really adds kind of a different flavor. So certainly. Because she becomes kind of the pimp in training. But at the same time she offers a bit of a challenge to everybody with her stubborn ways.

Analeigh Tipton

I mean the first scene with you and Lenore in the bakery was hilarious. How was it working with Rebecca Creskoff?

Analeigh Tipton: Rebecca is one of the best people I’ve worked with so far. I’m kind of new to all this and she’s so down to earth and vivacious and full of just this wonderful energy. And warm. That being on set with her, I mean it was kind of funny because then we’d have to switch and she’d like turn on her Lenore and the transformation is amazing because she’s so the opposite in person.

Your career is kind of unique in many ways. You’ve had experience in a lot of different areas that a lot of people in your position haven’t experienced. Competitive figure skating, modeling, reality TV, movies, and now a series on HBO. What is your overall approach with your career?

Analeigh Tipton: Be nice. I think just take nothing for granted. And I think that for me it’s important to just remember that this is just work. This is one day. And give it everything. And remember what I’m doing. I’m helping telling the story. I think actors are not a very important part. I think they’re the least important part. What you’re doing is you’re communicating something to a large audience so that people can make connections.

And I think that’s such an excellent idea. And this happens to be my little role in it. But again if it ends tomorrow or if I decide I’m not giving it 100% then I’ll go and write children’s books or do something else. I think that what I’m learning from people who I really respect in the industry so far is just keep your head on your shoulders and just work. Remember what you’re doing. And, again, it’s true, to be nice to people. Just be nice.

Speaking of `America’s Next Top Model’, do you find that the experience of being on that show helped you in other aspects of your career?

Analeigh Tipton: I think that it’s been as much a hindrance as it has a help. In general, it’s definitely given me fans who have really helped with kind of creating reason to have buzz. And I’m very grateful for that. And I think that there are people that definitely have the reality show, ex reality show contestant type snubs. And I’m okay with that because I think that there are reasons why reality show contestants usually fall into a very broad cliché. And clichés are often true.

My situation is not like that. And I think actually a lot of the girls on the show just happen to be on a show about modeling. And people kind of tend to forget that because of the way it’s put together that it’s fundamentally a broadcast, a commercial. It’s a giant commercial for modeling and for Tyra. Where it’s selling product. And we have to remember that.

Are you looking to continue balancing modeling and acting? Or are you just leaning more towards acting now?

Analeigh Tipton: No actually. I quit modeling quite rapidly after the show. And I can’t even say I even really started it too much. I was with Ford for a while but that was didn’t work out for me. I get a lot of interviews with the question, `Oh, so you were a model and now you’re going into acting?’ And it’s kind of funny for me because I think I was always doing acting and modeling way before I happened on this modeling thing. I think modeling kind of fell into my lap because I’m tall [laughs]. If I wasn’t, it would never be anything. I do not aspire to model.

So it’s fair to say that acting is your thing?

Analeigh Tipton: Yes.

Are you currently currently filming `Warm Bodies’?

Analeigh Tipton: I’m actually in the hair and makeup trailer right now. And there’s a thunderstorm in Montreal and we’re shooting night exteriors. So I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen today. But it’s like 4:30 and it’s pitch black outside. And there’s hail and it’s crazy.

That sounds like a pretty interesting challenge

Analeigh Tipton: Yes. Yes. It’s been pretty exciting actually. We have another month out here unless it keeps raining. It’s been so amazing filming with John Malkovich and Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry. It’s a wonderful cast. The director, Jonathan Levine just came out with `50/50′, which if you’ve seen or if you haven’t you should. It’s mind blowing. And this film [Warm Bodies] is kind of- it’s an offbeat zombie film.

Have you read the book?

Analeigh Tipton: I have not. And I have reasons not to. But it is a wonderful book that I’m going to wait like two more weeks to read. I have most of my scenes out of the way. But I hear my character in the book is pretty great. I love that she’s like something completely different that I haven’t done. She’s this tough action chick. But, you know, with some humor. She’s funny.

So speaking of playing characters you haven’t done, are there characters, roles, or projects that you’d be interested in getting involved with in the future?

Analeigh Tipton: That’s hard to say because I think that every time I open a script to read there’s this new shade of a character that I would love to try. I look at every opportunity as kind of a puzzle to figure out, in a way, to bring myself to it. So specifically, no, because I tend to be open ended on that. I feel like the writers can think of much more interesting characters than I probably could imagine.

And without spoiling things, can you hint if you think Sandee on `Hung’ would return for another season, maybe?

Analeigh Tipton: She definitely, she’s got her cliffhanger. That is hard to say. She might. She could go either way.

She could go either way? So there’s a possibility?

Analeigh Tipton: There is. Yeah.

If you could guest star on any other TV show, which one would it be?

Analeigh Tipton: I think, my favorite show is ’30 Rock’. And I absolutely adore Tina Fey. So I think it would have to be ’30 Rock’ just because I love it so much. Although my true answer would maybe be `The Love Boat’. I mean if I could go back in time.

That would be pretty interesting. You never know. I mean with all the remakes they’re making, `Love Boat’ is bound to come back, right?

Analeigh Tipton: [laughs] That is if you could ever truly remake `The Love Boat’.

Analeigh Tipton

(Photo Credite: Lacey Terrell/HBO)