PERSON OF INTEREST “Judgment” Review

PERSON OF INTEREST “Judgment” Season 1 Episode 5 – Oh Person of Interest, you sly dog. Not only have you quickly become my favorite new network drama series, but now you’re throwing in former cast members from my favorite show of all times, Breaking Bad? That’s right, Gale Boetticher himself, played by the wonderful character actor David Costabile, is our person of interest this week!

I was a bit disappointed and confused as to why we didn’t see the resolution of last week’s cliffhanger. I praised this show last week for actually having the guts to try a cliffhanger ending, as most procedural shows on this network usually wrap up their stories all within one episode. At least the new case this week was just as well done as the rest of the episodes this season, but it doesn’t eliminate the feeling that we were treated out of what could have been an awesome ending to last week’s story.

I know I’ve already mentioned how awesome David Costabile is, but man did he really make this episode. The way he handled himself in the courtroom was incredible. You had to feel a little bit of sympathy for the prosecuting lawyer, as she was definitely being screwed out of a home run case, but those scenes were worth it just for the faces that Judge Gates was making. The expression he had when he looked at Angela after she had been declared not guilty was priceless.

The conclusion to all of this was an awesome showdown between Sam Jr.’s kidnappers and Reese. There’s few things that are cinematically cooler than a gunfight in the rain, and this scene definitely didn’t disappoint. Hearing Judge Gates say that he would possibly be able to help Reese and Finch on their future endeavors got me excited, as I definitely hope we’ll see more of David Costabile on this show. Having a powerful judge as a friend would definitely come in handy in Reese’s line of work.

This was yet another great episode of Person of Interest, and even though I was disappointed that we didn’t get the resolution to last week’s episode, I’m fine with that as long as the episode that we did get was as exciting and well done as this one.

Random Thoughts:

– Is the line for a coffee stand really the safest place to openly talk about your top secret special ops missions?

– Seriously, Detective Fusco is pretty bad at keeping his extra-curricular activities on the DL. Maybe you should walk more than 5 feet away from Detective Carter next time you talk to the man that she’s on a manhunt for!

– Whenever I see David Costabile now, I immediately think of him in Breaking Bad singing karaoke to David Bowie’s Space Oddity.