CHARLIE’S ANGELS “Angels in Paradise” Review

CHARLIE’S ANGELS “Angels in Paradise” Season 1 Episode 5 – Well, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. ABC cancelled Charlie’s Angels this week, but decided to go ahead and air whatever shows they already had in the can. Hence, “Angels in Paradise,” a prime example of why this remake never grabbed an audience.

The Angels are asked to find a family kidnapped on the high seas, but that easily solved job turns into a bigger deal when the mastermind escapes, leaving behind evidence that he plans to grab a much more lucrative target, the son of a dead New York big-wig who Abby knew back in the old days.

Somehow, this case involved Abby’s father, who’s serving time in jail…kind of like what Abby should be doing, if not for the hand of Charlie. A hand which Abby’s father warns her might not be as altruistic as she thinks. Not that it matters; we’ll never see that plot line to fruition now.

Honestly, the episode was boring and not just because reviewing a show that’s been cancelled is kind of like taking your cousin to the prom. I simply could not get into the story, despite the very cute actor playing the water-polo star son. My attention started to wan when Abby waxed sentimental about her horrible childhood which led to her thieving lifestyle. Cry me a river, Blondie. You grew up in a penthouse on the Upper East Side, not a cardboard box in Washington Heights.

So, it turned out at the NYC big-wig faked his death and tried to kidnap his own son and it was all insanely convoluted and, frankly, dull as dishwater. And then at the end…the bit about the Angels being family…I seriously could have choked on the cheese.

Remakes are tricky, there’s no doubt. Some concepts depend entirely upon the climate of the times in which they were conceived. Charlie’s Angels would seem to be one of those. I can’t say I’m totally sad to see it go, but maybe it would have gotten better. Stranger things have happened.

What do you think? Was the best yet to come? Or was this a colossal mistake from the beginning? Let me know below!