NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Sacrifice” Review

NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Sacrifice” Season 3 Episode 5 – In this episode the team has to work with a Mexican police officer and the sparks really fly when she and Deeks seem to have a little something going on between them. No, I’m not talking about the sparks between him and Eva, I’m talking about the ones that were shooting from Kensi’s eyes when she saw them together.

Now maybe it’s because I really love Kensi and I tend to always be on her side, but I honestly didn’t see that much of a connection between Deeks and Eva. She was cool and all, but there is so much more going on between him and Kensi. Usually I’m totally against main characters hooking up and I still don’t know if I really want these two to actually get together, but boy am I enjoying the flirtations along the way. Their chemistry is perfect together – as partners, friends, etc. I can’t blame Kensi at all for being jealous, because I get a wee bit jealous myself whenever anyone gets in the middle of that, too.

Meanwhile Sam’s beloved old Challenger has been stolen and he puts Eric on the case to find it. Callen follows his partner through each of the stages of grief until finally giving him a replacement. Which is a good thing, because it turns out that the lovely Charlene is now a pile of burnt scrap metal. I still have to wonder what’s going to happen when he not only finds out about that, but also finds out that Eric and Nell didn’t tell him about it. Oh boy.

My favorite bits..

Kensi rightfully pointing out that Sam’s 1970 Challenger was NOT “just a car.” – Damn straight!

Hetty’s little grin when Sam said that he wasn’t at fault for what happened to her Jaguar.

Yay! Eric’s whistle is back! *does a happy dance*

“I’m not grieving, I’m pissed.”

Kensi checking her lip after Deeks made his facial hair joke and walking away.

The hotel manager asking Sam and Callen if they were looking for a room. Har.

Nell pointing out all of the rebellious things, including breaking the internet, that Eric had been willing to do in the past.

Eva stopping the chase by turning around to take on Kensi. Ooh! Girl fight!

Callen ordering Kensi to walk it off. Man, if looks could kill..that woman would be a splotch on the pavement now.

“One catfight a day is probably plenty.” – Oh I don’t know, I still think Kensi can totally take her.

Deeks trying to claim that Kensi didn’t like Eva because of her obvious connection to him.

Callen suggesting Cheryl as a name for the new Challenger.

Deeks’ “Meow” when Kensi walked out.

Deeks pointing out to Eva that what happened to her informant was not her fault.

Callen pointing out that Sam’s origami was definitely pointing to depression……or a desire to kill the person who stole his car.

“Why don’t they ever stop? It AMAZES me that they never stop.” – Me too. Someone pulls a gun on me I’m stopping, no doubt about it.

“You handed a reaper drone to Al-Qaeda?”
“This is why I love the CIA.”

Callen telling Deeks if Eva went lone wolf it was on him. Uh oh, he might want to get a leash for her then.

Saying “So much for quietly” along with Sam after Deeks did things a little noisier than expected.

Deeks facing down a speeding SUV. Nice!

“When the line between us and them, what it is that we do stops making sense.” – Awesome line.

Deeks pulling Eva in for a hug. Aw, very sweet. Though I sure didn’t miss Kensi’s look when he did that. Meow indeed.

My eyebrows shooting up at the same as Callen’s when Eva kissed Deeks.

I’m with Kensi, that was totally a brotherly-sisterly connection. (yesitwasshutup)

Nell pointing out that Sam technically asked Eric to find his car so therefore he should be the one to tell him.

Callen giving Sam the car out of his “rainy day” fund. Aw.

“Well there’s no chance anyone will steal that.” – LOL!

Kensi painfully twisting Deeks’ arm until he screamed for mercy.

Final funny blackout moment: “Okay, I think you just dislocated my finger.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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