PSYCH Creator Steve Franks Talks about Season 6, Guest Star William Shatner and a Musical Episode


Season 6 of USA’s hit series PSYCH got off to a bang-up start last week and it looks like this is going to be another fantastic season. Daemon’s TV was on the call when Psych executive producer, writer and creator Steve Franks answered questions about the upcoming season, the guest stars they get on the show, the musical episode and a lot more.

On what we can expect from the season 6 finale

According to Steve, fans can expect quite the cliffhanger when the current season ends. Steve told us that the idea for the season-ending story came about inadvertently and sort of naturally developed as they went along with filming and writing the season.

On the possibility of getting a Psych movie in theaters

Steve is very excited about the idea of getting Psych made into a movie and, with a background of writing for features, has always structured the show as basically as “an hour long summer popcorn movie.”

Steve said: “I don’t think the leap to the big screen is that far for our show. It would [make] this experience even greater than it’s been. So I’m going to be pushing for the movie in the off season.”

On the musical episode

Now that we’ve all seen how well both James and Dulé can sing (just check out the wacky commercials they’ve made), fans have been asking when we’ll get a musical episode. Apparently that’s been on Steve’s mind as well but try as he might, Steve was unable to put as much work on it as he would have liked and has been forced to push the musical into Season 7, which he is very hopeful they will get.

On the Raiders of the Lost Ark themed episode

That’s right folks, I said a Raiders of the Lost Ark themed episode. Apparently the gang over at Psych has decided to take on one of the most famous movies of all time and will be putting their own spin on it. Steve told us that Despereaux (played by Cary Elwes) will be back and the episode will be “a thrill ride beyond anything that we’ve done.”

Steve said: “There’s some truly shocking moments in the show, along with some spectacular stunt pieces and Despereaux at his most fun, and Shawn cracking a whip.”

On what Psych character resembles him the most

I like to think that every writer puts a little bit of themselves in every character and when asked about what character he is most like on Psych, Steve told us that he’s a bit of a mix.

Steve said: “I always fee like I’m half of Shawn and half of Gus. I talk like Shawn [and] I sort of present that kind of unsounded overconfidence at all times..[I] try not to stress about anything [and] I make all my decisions on what’s fun. But I’m also not a rule-breaker. So I’m always the guy that says, “Oh my God. It says Do Not Enter. We should not go in there.”

On how they manage to get such amazing guest stars on the show

It’s no secret that Psych gets the best of the best (at least in my opinion) when it comes to guest stars and Steve told us that they basically have a three-pronged approach to that. First they have a list of people who they’ve heard are fans of the show and are interested in working with them, then there are the people they hear about from places like Twitter or their casting director. Finally there’s a list of people that they know they’ll never get in a million years – sort of a wish list of guest actors if you will.

Steve told us that they work hard to make their set a lot of fun so that word will get around to everyone that doing a guest spot on Psych is a blast. Now that the show has been around for a while, it’s a lot easier for them to get those dream actors they’ve always wanted.

On William Shatner’s appearance this season

Speaking of dream guest actors, the one and only William Shatner will be coming to Pysch this season to play Juliet’s father. Steve told us that they didn’t know that Shatner would be available when they wrote the episode, so they actually didn’t write the character with him in mind.

Steve said: “And because we’ve written [Juliet’s father] with a completely different thought in mind, it was such a great role for him because he’s completely different than you’d expect and surprising. And yet all the things you love about William Shatner are there.”

The new season of Psych airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on USA Network.