HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ma’ema’e” Review

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) Ma' ema' e

HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ma’ema’e” Season 2 Episode 5 – Things finally came to a head with the whole Kono situation and it turns out that those fans who were suspecting that Kono was actually working for IA were right. Turns out she was recruited by Fryer to take down Delano, who also just so happened to be Fryer’s ex-partner on the force.

Kono and Fryer’s little sting operation crosses over onto one of Five-0’s cases with dire consequences, when she ends up driving around with a dead guy in her car. This puts the team on her tail and after they catch her and the truth comes out, they have no choice but to send her back in to catch the bad guys.

I know a lot of us fans have felt as though Steve and the rest of the team had sort of left Kono out to dry, but I feel like they all really made up for it in this one. As soon as Steve finds out that Fryer put Kono in that much danger, he is immediately her protector and leader again and when she goes back in, this time she’s got them at her back. That made me very happy, as does the fact that it looks like she’s back for good now, judging by the last few second of this episode.

Okay so now to the part that doesn’t make me so happy. I think I’ve finally figured out what bothers me about Weston. I figured it out when she and Chin were waiting for Tricia to come back to her hotel and he told her she was a lot like Steve. We’ve heard more than a few comments from other characters that these two are just like each other, but the trouble is I haven’t seen that at all. Weston comes off as a whiny little girl and Steve is Mr. Badass. Um, how are these two alike exactly?

Also I really hate that I can feel how much they want all us fans to immediately like Weston and assume that she’s perfect for Steve. Sorry, but the more I feel like I’m being told that I “should” like someone, the less I probably will. It’s a gut reaction. That being said, I will probably get over it eventually (after all, I did with Nell over on NCIS:Los Angeles), but that just hasn’t happened yet. Still, it did feel good to finally pinpoint what my problem was with her.

My favorite bits..

“We almost got married once.”
“That’s a different kind of crazy.”

Kamekona telling Chin that love is sweeter the second time around.

“Sometimes I get…no, no, no .not sometimes, all the time..I get shot at ALL the time.”

Steve pointing out that it had been a while since Danny had actually been shot.

“You’re not a funny person. You trying to be funny? You’re not.” – Haha! You gotta love a good cargument, especially so early in an episode.

Kono telling Malia not to try and score points with Chin by using her. Youch.

The way Steve yelled “Danny! Danny!” when Joyner got shot. Don’t know why, but I loved that bit.

Chin telling Weston that she was a lot like Steve? Really?

Holy crap! Kono was driving the car?

Steve barely containing his fury when he was talking to Chin about Kono. I know it was because he was worried sick for her but still. Angry Steve is a scary Steve.

Kono checking to make sure that her passenger was dead. OMG this crap just got real.

The team holding guns on Kono. Man, this is surreal.

Chin telling Kono that she was not alone and begging her to talk to him.

Aha! I knew it! Okay maybe I didn’t…but yay! Kono is working for IA.

Whoa, Fryer was partners with Delano back in the day? Interesting.

Kono telling Steve that she couldn’t ask for better back up than Five-0. Damn skippy!

Kono helping Tricia to keep it together in the vault.

Steve punching that guy so hard he literally flew through the air.

Jumping half out of my skin when Kono got shot.

Loving the majorly awesome stand-off between Delano and Fryer.

That hug between Kono and Chin.

Steve punching Fryer in the jaw and informing him that no one messes with “his” team. Haha! Love it!

The team walking off together looking majorly badass.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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