HART OF DIXIE “In Havoc & In Heat” Review

HART OF DIXIE In Havoc & In Heat Episode 4 (2)

HART OF DIXIE “In Havoc & In Heat” Episode 4 – There’s a heatwave in Bluebell in this week’s HART OF DIXIE and Zoe is doing her best to stay away from temptation. Everyone else in the town seems to have gone crazy; acting out in ways they normally wouldn’t, flirting with all the wrong people, and sometimes partaking in even a little more than flirting. Everyone is hot and bothered, but apparently that’s what happens when there’s a heatwave! And, according to Lavon Hayes, everyone gets a free pass when it’s 105 degrees outsite.

He tries to convince Zoe (along with Wade’s help) to do something wild an crazy and blame it on the heat. Instead, Zoe heads off to work where the practice is buzzing with strange and unusual cases. The most pressing is the case of two sisters who recently lost their mother, and are having a little difficulty over the will. The older of the two maintains that her sister is crazy, and has been slipping since her mother passed away. Zoe gets a taste of her craziness first hand when the woman sees her leaving the Rammer Jammer and, not knowing who she is, wacks her across the face with her purse.

Zoe interrupts the dinner that the Breelands are having with George’s parents (his mother is a PIECE OF WORK), much to the dismay of Lemon. Lemon is having a HORRIBLE day – George’s mother hates her, and she’s having major jealousy issues about Lavon and DiDi. Such issues, in fact, that she has to excuse herself from the dinner table at the restaurant to collect her thoughts and get herself in order. It was actually one of the few times that I felt sorry for Lemon.

Zoe and Brick take off to find out what’s wrong with their patient, and when they get into her car to drive her to the hospital, they realize that the exhaust from the car is actually coming into the vehicle. The woman’s symptoms are positive for carbon monoxide poisoning, not her being insane. That’s one problem solved.

Another issue comes up when Zoe decides that she wants to do something crazy – and tells Wade to meet her at his place later that night. I must say that Rachel Bilson is still so adorable as Zoe Hart that I find myself smiling at my screen pretty much through the entire hour of Hart of Dixie.

While Zoe and Wade are getting together, Lemon confronts Lavon, and they ALMOST kiss, just like Zoe and Wade ALMOST end up together. Until the heatwave breaks, and everyone is back to normal.

I continue to ADORE Hart of Dixie. It’s fun, smart, cute, and just an overall happy hour of television. What do you think?

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