CASTLE “Eye of the Beholder” Review

CASTLE Eye of the Beholder Season 4 Episode 5

CASTLE “Eye of the Beholder” Season 4 Episode 5 – Okay first up I just have to check. Did anyone else find themselves continuously giggling every time someone said the name “Falco” during this ep?

No? Just me? Okay then, moving on.

In this episode, Castle, Beckett and the rest of the team end up working with a new partner and the sparks fly as Beckett starts to feel a wee bit jealous of their new consultant. And why shouldn’t she? Serena is sexy (at least in Castle’s eyes, I’m rather biased to Kate of course) and even a blind person could see that Rick is attracted to her from the get-go. Even when they suspected that Serena might be their killer, Castle still held out that she wasn’t their culprit.

I really felt for Beckett in this one, but I also felt for Castle too. Beckett is the one who has chosen not to acknowledge the fact that Castle said he loved her. While I understand her need to take a step back after nearly dying, she also can’t blame him for showing interest in another woman when, for all he knows, Kate has no interest in a relationship with him.

So again we’re just left with two people who simply refuse to acknowledge what we all know is going on between them. Beckett even went so far as to talk up Rick to Serena, thereby giving him permission to not wait for her. Trouble is, I don’t know if he wants that permission.

Oh what a tangled web. It fascinates me even as it frustrates me. I want them to get together and yet I don’t, it is the dance that has been going on with romantic comedies since the dawn of man…okay so maybe since the dawn of TV.

My favorite bits….

“Too late. He just went kersplat.”

Cracking up at finding out that Castle’s mother set him up with his ex-wife. That explains a lot.

Whew! Saved by the phone. I bet Castle was happy he didn’t have to answer her question about whether he had a reason not to go out with someone.

The look on Castle’s face when he found out that Beckett posed nude for an art class. She is so badass.

Castle asking if anyone had looked up the ass of socialism for the Fist of Capitalism. Har.

Beckett rolling her eyes at Castle’s claim that Serena had “valuable assets.”

Really digging Beckett’s outfit and kinda loving that tie. I doubt I could pull off that look, but she wears it well.

Ryan’s “Great, what did you do now?” when the captain called Beckett into her office.

Beckett telling Serena that she had gigantic balls.

Falco? The guy who sang ‘Rock me Amadeus’ stole the fist? But I thought he was dead. Huh, interesting.

Castle admitting that impersonating Jason Bateman once got him out of a parking ticket. Oh snap!

“Now that it’s gone, that bag of Botox is gonna clean me out.”

The back and forth conversation between Castle and his mother and Beckett with her therapist. Interesting how both were basically having the same conversation but not in the same room.

Beckett rolling her eyes at Serena’s underwear drawer.

Esposito’s little grin when Beckett denied that her annoyance with Serena had to do with anything other than the case.

“You were like the female Indiana Jones only without the hat and whip.”
“Well..without the hat.”

Thinking that Beckett’s eyes were going to burn straight through Castle’s head when she saw him kissing Serena.

Castle making strangling motions at the interrogation room door after Beckett walked through it.

Ryan sliding over the baskets to make room for Castle on the table.

“Beckett told me to stall her.”
“She also tell you to use tongue?”

That little moment with Ryan and Esposito and the rest of the SWAT team in the elevator with the muzak going. Beyond hilarious.

The look Beckett gave Castle when he tried to tell “Falco” that hair gel wasn’t very manly.

“Who knows Castle, maybe she’ll kiss it out of him.” – Oh ouch.

Serena telling Beckett she was very grateful for her help..but not grateful enough to give her a cut of the finder’s fee.

Beckett telling Serena that Castle never believed she was guilty. Interesting.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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