THE LYING GAME “East of Emma” (Fall Finale) Review

THE LYING GAME (ABC Family) East of Emma Episode 10

THE LYING GAME “East of Emma” Episode 10 – The Fall Finale of THE LYING GAME is finally here and there were a couple of cliffhangers. The writers finally brought Sutton back home to confront Emma about stealing her life. I have to agree with Ethan, though, Sutton handed her life over and expected Emma to keep it going. Consequences are bound to occur, especially when Sutton treated people pretty bad and Emma is naturally sensitive and in tune with others. I suppose someone as selfish and self-centered as Sutton would never think that it is a possibility that others might like her twin more.

It looked like Emma was about to spill the secret that she really was not Sutton at the birthday party until the mysterious figure appeared. We knew it could not be Sutton as she was busy almost drowning in that body of water. I say almost drowning as I am pretty confident she will be saved or break free at the last moment. I do have to say that it was quite a crazy route that her car took when she discovered that person in her back seat and a near perfect launch off that dock. What happened to the person in the back? It could not have been Alec as he looked awfully dry.

So the mysterious figure is Annie. Apparently Alec’s heads up to the sheriff did no good as Annie just waltzed into town. Is she there to confront Alec and Ted? Will she also confront her sister who has abandoned her? I need to know more about Annie and her connection to the guys. Also, I am still pondering Justin’s fit into all of this. He seems a bit obsessed with Ted.

In other news, Ethan and Emma declared their love for each other and that survived despite Sutton’s lame attempt to break them up. Naturally, Ethan was eventually going to realize it was Sutton he was kissing and not Emma. Likewise, it was clear that Emma would not stay mad at Ethan for long when it was clearly Sutton up to her old tricks.

Now that Sutton is back and the truth might come out about Emma’s real identity, it will be interesting to see who everyone chooses. Look how quickly Sutton’s mother was hurt when the real Sutton blew her off. I bet she would prefer Emma in her life. I think Sutton’s friends might feel the same.

What did you think of this fall finale of The Lying Game? Were the cliffhangers good? What do you think the writers have in store for us at the continuation of the season? Tell me your thoughts down below.

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