Best Episode of The Season: THE GOOD WIFE “Feeding The Rat” Review

THE GOOD WIFE “Feeding The Rat” Season 3 Episode 4 – This was easily the best episode the show has done so far this season, finally shedding much of the arrogance which I felt had marred the first few episodes, along with the political stances which were at best annoying and delving back into tackling social conventions and expectations with a sly sort of smirk. It didn’t pretend to be overly sexy, and in not pretending to be overly sexy it pulled off a hell of a lot more than previous episodes had.

Well, with the exception of the threesome conversation between Lisa Edelstein’s character, Will and Peter which felt so uncomfortable and awkwardly shoehorned in that if it were not for the charm of the three actors involved, the whole conversation would have splattered on the screen. Her character’s ploy to bring Will over to her offices was probably the weakest written part of the episode – it worked for me because I like Edelstein and after two seasons Josh Charles has finally won me over through pure persistance on his side. But the show has already explored the firm breaking up and the whole thing was resolved so quickly it felt like a redundant plot.

The rest of the episode was pretty good, featuring level amounts of Kalinda investigating, Cary being smarmy, a very entertaining judge and a pretty good case. Usually with cases The Good WIfe allows the audience to judge the clients based purely on the evidence and behind the scenes chats between Alicia, Will, Diane, Kalinda etc. In this episode, in what I think (though I might be wrong) is a The Good Wife first, the show opens with a Law And Order – esque cold open where we see that the defendant was actually completely innocent. Lockhart and Gardner twist cross-racial identification studies to plead on behalf of the man involved.

My favorite moment of the episode when Will accidentally tells Alicia that he loves her when hanging up on the phone. Trying to draw her into a conversation later, she keeps telling him to leave it, to forget it happened. Josh Charles in particular really pulled off that scene: I thought Will looked a bit disappointed, a bit relieved, a bit confused when he tries to get Alicia to open up and talk about what their relationship really means. Does it mean anything, or are they just playing coy?

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