HUNG “Mister Drecker; Ease-Up On The Whup Ass” Review

HUNG “Mister Drecker; Ease-Up On The Whup Ass” Season 3 Episode 3 – Of course nothing is easy for Ray. But here in season three you kind of get a taste of what success might smell like. And you even think, for a moment, that he could kind of have a handle on things.

… and then maybe not so much.

Ray, Ray, Ray. “What if she Facebooks or… Twitters… or… whatever they do these days?” That may be the least of your problems, Mr. Drecker.

Logan Lewis (an interestingly cast Kaitlin Doubleday) got a D in World History. Because she listens to absolutely nothing Ray says. At least that’s how it seemed. In the end it seemed more like selective hearing than any sort of ADD.

I wasn’t immediately sure I bought into the role, as Doubleday seemed too old to play a former student. But that’s what Wikipedia is for! I looked it up! Doubleday is 27 (and looks pre-30) and Thomas Jane is 42, which would mean she was a senior when he was 32 years old… which actually totally works.

I think I’m just getting old.

So Lenore (a still-clothed Rebecca Creskoff—WTF), recovering from her recent macing at Tanya’s hands, hears that her new gigolo’s ex-girlfriend Sandee (Analeigh Tipton) is pregnant. Seeing through the ruse, she makes it her business to basically stalk the student in her parents’ home.

Lenore—a paragon of morality.

Fortunately for her, Sandee just wants a flat screen TV. I can’t help but wonder why Lenore isn’t pursuing Sandee (played as she is by a model) to be a prostitute herself. Like why keep only men in the stable? It seems to me someone like Lenore would want to branch out. Or perhaps that’s coming. It’s what I would do.

Jessica (Anne Heche) in her pink nurse’s scrubs is now working for lustful (and jealous) Dr. Matt Saline (an appropriately cast Matt Walsh), and you can kind of tell where that’s going. I liked that he wanted an approximate estimate of the time of Mindy’s hand job. “That’s the ER. They can wait. This is more important.” Great doc!

Chechnya! Bubble Boy! The Not-Quite-A-Pretend Cop Lydia is ever eager to run her fantasy (poor Ray) into the ground. The reveal that she really is a police officer can only spice things up.

“A pimp comes through for a pimp.” I’m not sure that’s a rule. Charlie (Lennie James!) is being underused and needs to get back on The Walking Dead. And I have to say this for Tanya—she may be annoying, but Jane Adams sure throws herself into a kiss.

Lastly, who else wants to hear more from the local White Stripes clones, Damon (Charlie Saxton) and Darby (Sianoa Smit-McPhee)?

No, seriously. I loved that song.

And Damon and Darby need more to do. Luckily I know—since Daemon’s TV was able to snag a sweet one-on-one interview with Saxton—that the siblings won’t be relegated to background status all season. Which is good, since they’re a vital part of Hung! More screen time, HBO!

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