AGAINST THE WALL “Wonder What God’s Up To” Review

AGAINST THE WALL “Wonder What God’s Up To” Season 1 Episode 11 – It’s Abby’s birthday in “Wonder What God’s Up To,” this week’s Against the Wall, and everyone wants to help her celebrate it in style. Except her parents who are AWOL. Seems a bit strange for this family, but whatever.

But business before pleasure. This week Abby and Lina’s simple investigation of a department chaplain who might have aided a robbery winds up involving a suicide, allegations of sexual abuse and a murder. Nothing’s ever simple, is it girls?

I will say that it was refreshing to see a priest who wasn’t guilty of abusing his altar boy. The chaplain is accused of molesting a cop who committed suicide supposedly after years of living with the secret, but it turns out that the cop was actually abused by his stepfather. But his mother blames the priest and ends up killing him. It was all a little convoluted and frankly a little boring. Law and Order: SVU has done this type of story so many times already.

The real meat of this week’s episode revolved around Abby’s impending birthday. Her brothers decide they want to throw her a party, to make up for how they treated her when she took the IA job. Between the three of them, they decide on a $600.00 budget for the shindig; yeah, I’m feeling the love, boys.

But the big question they have to answer isn’t a band versus an iPod…it’s whether they will invite Brody or Danny to the party. The brothers want Danny; Mackie wants Brody. No one asks Abby what she wants, which is a good thing because she clearly still has no idea herself.

When Brody learns about the surprise party, he tries to derail it by quickly asking Abby out to dinner that same night. She looks pleased, indicating that she might like Brody as more than her friend with benefits.

But…when she sees Danny at the party, she makes eyes at him, not Brody. And she has no idea that the two men in her life now know about each other. Everyone loves a triangle, right?

Well, this one had better wrap up quickly; there’s only one episode of Against the Wall left and I’ve yet to hear whether Lifetime has picked it up for another season. I think they should; there’s a lot of heart in the show, despite the procedural cop drama side of it.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who will win Abby’s heart, Brody or Danny? Will Lina go into labor in the finale? Let me know below!