THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 2” Review – Amazing Group Songs

THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 2” Series 8 – Last week I prayed that the group song numbers would be reinstated into the show, and guess what? They totally were! And it was amazing, in that corny, lip-sync, swaybot dancing sort of amazing.

There’s a lot of montages, of course, and commercials, of course, and Nu Vibe have wandered onstage…oh, wait, hold up. It’s not Nu Vibe, it’s actually The Wanted, who are supposedly a band with credentials. A quick confirmation from my sister, and yes, apparently The Wanted are a thing. I feel really old.

Katy Perry sings The One That Got Away, and it’s pretty obvious she’s trying to emulate a raunchy Taylor Swift, what with the patriarchy undertones and faux guitar playing and famous country singer namedropping (though she does mention booze, shock and horror). Without the pyrotechnics and fireworks, it’s a pretty disappointing performance from Katy Perry. If she’s not squirting cream out of her breasts, I honestly don’t know how to react.

Nu Vibe sing their survival song with the intensity and desperation of a very angry teddy bear. A teddy bear with a hole in its heart and a flat face. An ugly teddy bear.

Frankie sings Daniel Merriweather’s Red. When he gets into the chorus it sounds (and looks) like he’s getting electro-shock treatment. But he’s not. Nothing that exciting is happening on stage.

Frankie and Nu Vibe stand on either side of Dermot and wait for the judges to drop the axe. Gary can’t believe that girls aren’t in love with a guy who tattoos the names of his female conquests on his buttocks and flashes their cheeks on nation’s biggest television show. Girls love class, and isn’t he just an emblem? Well, Gary sends Nu Vibe home, as does Kelly. Tulisa sticks with her groups while Louis takes pleasure in kicking Nu Vibe out the door.

So Nu Vibe are gone and any chance you thought you had to see them start a bitch brawl on stage was just thwarted.

What did you make of the elimination? Would you rather have seen Frankie go, or are you outraged someone else wasn’t standing next to Dermot? Sound off in the comments below.