THE X FACTOR UK “Live Show 2” Series 8 Review

THE X FACTOR “Live Show 2” Series 8 -After last week saw the pretty unfair elimination of Amelia and others by the judges hands, this week the top twelve battle it out with Love and Heartbreak Theme Week to stay in the competition. It’s set to be a show longer than the entire run of Shoah, and even more depressing, so let’s get started!

Nu Vibe – Tulisa is trying to force them to be likable, but even With Or Without You, the sappiest love song known to man, can’t save this band.

Sami – Whitney Housten? Really? I almost think she should be disqualified just for singing Whitney.

Craig – He’s singing Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had and it’s a ridiculously shaky, weirdly stilted performance involving a lot of looking at the camera like a drunken pervert. The judges of course love it, though Kelly points out that the song choice is poor.

Janet – She takes on Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, and as per usual hers is an intimate performance. I actually agree with Gary who says that when she sings, you not only hear the music but you feel it. So far the themed weeks haven’t completely drowned her out, but once Disco Dubstep week pops up I’ll be nervous.

Frankie – He takes on Coldplay’s The Scientist, and it’s a pretty terrible performance. What? Oh my, the judges appear to agree. This is a first.

Johnny – His performance is dedicated to Kylie and Gary Barlow. If you look away from the screens, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was Kylie Minogue herself on helium with a cough. Oh, and by the way,in case you’re curious, he’s dressed in a geisha outfit. There’s not much more to add to that.

Marcus – he takes on Rihanna’s Russian Roulette, and while the staging is pretty cool, it’s sort of like seeing your granny shimmy down a stripper’s pole.

Rhythmix- Putting together as charming a VT as you could imagine, Tulisa is doing a pretty good job pleading with the public to break the curse of the girl band. She gives them Nelly Furtado’s I’m Like A Bird, and they’re clearly kicking ass in the studio with the hand waving getting started.

Mischa B – Charles and Eddie? Really Miss B? Okay, well taking on Would I Lie To You?, Mischa B of course elevates the song to something which I might listen to. She’s got on some crazy clothes and hairdo, and you can see she’s totally embracing the wackiness of the competition to its fullest extent. She’s totally my favorite for the win. The judges praise her to the rooftops, with Gary aptly pointing out that she’s not like a contestant but a guest artist. Tulisa interrupts Dermot to point out that Kelly is doing an amazing job turning Mischa into a brand-usually this sort of market speech is cold and calculating, but so is the industry and somehow Tulisa’s frankness about the cold and calculating nature of the industry is weirdly refreshing.

The Risk – They take on Bruno Mars, who I usually find interminably dull, but they do quite a good job giving the camera sexy eyes which I find rather amusing. They’re a deal less dickish than Nu Vibe, so they’ll probably be in the mix for quite a while.

Sophie – Sophie isn’t as well known as the others in the competition, so she talks an awful lot about it. She takes on The Calling’s Wherever You Will Go, a song I love, a performance I, well, don’t. It’s like Kelly thinks Sophie has the same quiet intimacy as Janet, which she just does not. Gary points out that she’s missing that little spark-basically, she’s missing the X.

Kitty – She begins by shushing the audience. Oh no, it’s just the beginning of It’s Oh So Quiet. The thing with Kitty is that she has a brilliant voice, but she’s just insane. The audience makes up for booing by cheering for a while after she finishes. They’re probably terrified. I want her to go really far.

My favourites this week:
1. Janet
2. Mischa B
3. The Risk
4. Kitty

My least favourites were probably Johnny, Nu Vibe and basically all of the boys.

What were your favorite performances? Which ones do you think were…em…lacking? Sound off in the comments below.