THE AMAZING RACE “This is Gonna Be a Fine Mess” Review

THE AMAZING RACE “This is Gonna Be a Fine Mess” Season 19 Episode 4 – The Amazing Race resumed this week with the teams all running off to Phuket, Thailand. While the pronunciation of the city they were flying to was confusing for the teams, it wasn’t nearly as confusing as actually getting there. Andy and Tommy, the pro snowboarders who have been in first place for the last two weeks in a row, actually found themselves at the back of the back with father/son team Laurence and Zac. It’s always a bit annoying when bad flight choices can put such strong teams at the back of the pack, but I guess that’s the whole “Luck of the race” thing again.

Bill and Cathi and their endearing racial profiling were at it again this week. Bill telling his Thai taxi driver to get them to their location in “Chop chop good shape” was great. I could really just watch a whole hour of the old Vermonters traveling around the world and making as many cringe-inducing comments as possible.

The challenges in Phuket were actually pretty cool. The speedboat sequence was fun to watch and incredibly well shot, and the beautiful tropical island where the teams performed their challenges was beautiful. The first two teams to do the coral reconstruction challenge made it look easy, but all of the teams after that made it look like anything but.

Speaking of making things look easy, Andy and Tommy are completely dominating this game right now. It almost seems as if things are going a little too well. I mean, they’re nice to each other, they’re great at the challenges, they’re endearing to the audience. It’ll be interesting to see how they face a major adversity, but at this point I really just hope they keep doing well and win this whole thing. They really are emerging as clear favorites.

In the end, Liz and Marie just couldn’t get back from their terrible performance in the beach challenge and they arrived last. Surprisingly, there was yet another non-elimination leg, so we get to see the twins fight back from 8th place next week. Do you think they can do it?

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Random Thoughts:

– Listening to all the crazy pronunciation attempts for “Phuket” were pretty great. My favorite was “Puck it”.

– I bet all of the locals from this show love having all of these dumb Americans come by and do all of their manual labor for them. Seeing all of the workers at the beach laugh at the blonde sisters freaking out was awesome.

– Did anybody catch Justin’s Goonies reference? “We’re coming for you, One Eyed Willy!”