MERLIN “The Wicked Day” Review

MERLIN “The Wicked Day” Series 4 Episode 3 – “Well don’t try to stop me because…you can’t.” Merlin has always been more radical than Gaius, whose purpose throughout the series is often to warn Merlin off taking risks which could put him in jeopardy. Usually, Gaius fails and Merlin bulls right on with his plans, which generally speaking, work out quite well. Not, however, his plan to save Uther with magic. When Uther was first stabbed, I never doubted for a second that he would be saved. This episode was neither the premiere or a finale. Plus, he was killed by a petty rebel, not Morgana. There was almost no build up to his demise.

Because, as we found out, the build up was not to his demise, but to his demise by the hands of magic, commissioned by Arthur. Arthur was Merlin’s last hope for magic being decriminalized and by disguising himself as the doddery old man to cure Uther, but his plan backfired big time thanks to Morgana and Agravaine’s meddling.

It was a sickening twist which turned Arther towards the realization that magic was responsible for the deaths of both of his parents. I know in my “wishlist” for the first episode of the season I was hoping that this series would build towards Arthur finally finding out about Merlin’s powers, and that might well happen, but the brilliant thing about this revelation is now if Arthur rejects Merlin because of his magic, he has a reason. You can totally understand why Arthur would hate and despite magic knowing what he knows about his mother, his father and Morgana.

It was a brilliant episode, with some really lovely directed moments (Arthur’s coronation scene provides the “previously on Merlin” segment guys with some nice clips) and some very intelligent moral twists. After last week’s mediocre episode, this one was Merlin back on top form.

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