NIKITA “Partners” Review

NIKITA “Partners” Season 2 Episode 4 – “Speaking of Michael, who’d you have to screw over to get him out?” Kelly asks Nikita in the middle of this action packed, steam rolling, plot twisting episode. It’s a question glaring over Nikita’s conscience throughout the first few episodes of this season, not necessarily regarding Michael, but Alex. That’s who she had to screw over, though her aim was not to get Michael out, but to oust Division, a plan which was ultimately thwarted.

This was a fantastic episode of Nikita, a really strong episode for any spy thriller and if the show could pump out an episode like this every week, it would easily usurp The Vampire Diaries as being my favorite action show on television (mainly because there are so many characters in The Vampire Diaries who insist on hogging the spotlight that when three quarters of the episode isn’t devoted to the main trio or Caroline and Tyler, my interest wanes big time-with Alex and Nikita at the helm of a cast of about four secondary characters, this show does not suffer from character fatigue at all).

The plot started off as a usual Nikita plot: Nikita sees something related to her Division past pop up and has to save it. It, in this case, being Kelly, played with verve and charm by Katheryn Winnick who, Wikipedia tells me, is in real life a third dan black belt in Tae Kwan Doe and a licensed bodyguard. Her athleticism shows and contributes greatly to what made this episode really jump out. The fight scene in the train was fantastic and visceral, and I loved Kelly’s callousness when planning out an attack on Alex and Roan in the scene prior.

Guest actors have a really difficult job to do: they have to have enough presence to impact the story, but they can never dominate the story; they aren’t the main characters, the story isn’t about them, all they can do is drive the plot. Winnick played her part perfectly, and by the time her character was shot I was actually genuinely disappointed, since I was already picturing Kelly and Nikita storming Division.

Part of what made Winnick stand out was the writing, which provided her character with plenty of shades to play around with: Nikita’s former partner, she feels she was semi-betrayed by Nikita in Turkey when she was imprisoned; finally freed, she and Nikita re-established contact when Alex throws herself into the mix. We find out Kelly’s got her loyalties elsewhere and now her instructions change and she’s after Alex, putting Nikita in the awkward position of having to save Alex from an ambush and hope that Alex doesn’t off her while she’s trying to deflect bullets.

Oh, and along the way there’s banter with Michael and a fair few fight scenes which are amazing and Alex, unwittingly, goes from being the hunter to the hunted when Gogol (what a brilliant name) puts out her death warrant, whilst still fully intent on being the hunter, so now her storyline is a bit of the “hunter versus the hunter”.

Bottomline? This show is awesome. If you’re not watching it, check it out. You don’t have to watch all of them. The ones with major Nikita/Alex conflict, like this one, are the best. When there’s this much momentum so early on in the season, it’s hard to say that the show started slow, but it sure feels that way. I love that Nikita and Alex have semi-started mending their relationship, and I hope that continues because it’s pretty obvious Alex is screwed.

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