BEDLAM “Inmates” Review


BEDLAM “Inmates” Season 1 Episode 3 – The latest Bedlam resident is Sadie, a young woman recently released from psychiatric care after a breakdown. It’s not long before she meets Jed and the pair hit it off, and even less time passes before they’re sleeping together. But Sadie is being haunted by a former Bedlam patient who keeps leaving a dirty box containing a bloody towel in her apartment. Why?

Sadie attempts to get rid of the box, first by burning it and then by burying it. The latter attempt goes awry when her arm is pulled into the ground by an unseen force and Jed has to save her. This leads her to tell him about the spooky goings on and the reason behind them – she once gave birth to an apparently stillborn illegitimate baby, who she wrapped in a towel and buried in a box, the stress of which lead to her breakdown. By the end of the episode, we learn that the baby was still alive when she buried it, and (thanks to Ryan’s skill at searching through the Bedlam records) that the ghost haunting her the young mother of another illegitimate child, who was admitted to Bedlam and died during a lobotomy.

Meanwhile, Ryan meets a former Bedlam patient who has been living in tunnels under the building since the mental hospital closed. She claims a number of women, including her daughter, have been abducted from around Bedlam over the last 25 years. She also tells Jed that his birth mother was a Bedlam patient. When Jed confronts his uncle about his newfound lineage, Warren confirms that it’s true. Jed let’s slip how he found out – and by the end of the episode the old woman is dead.

And Kate has been having an affair with her married gym buddy, who we met last week. But their last encounter ended badly when she scratched and slapped him — and then saw her face deformed and looking almost demonic in a nearby mirror.

This episode wasn’t great. There was very little actual plotline, no real resolution, and the forty-five minute airtime dragged. It was nice to see Jed find someone he can relate to, and I liked Ryan getting his own side storyline, but setting events over the course of about 2 or 3 days condensed everything down too much, especially for Ryan. Hopefully his investigations into the disappearances will continue – they’re definitely the most interesting part of Bedlam.

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