A GIFTED MAN “In Case of Separation Anxiety” Review

A GIFTED MAN “In Case of Separation Anxiety” Season 1 Episode 4- Ah, the classic medicine versus spirit battle. It’s a fairly typical plot device used by most shows featuring tried and true heroes that are “only interested in the medicine.” In this week’s episode, Michael Holt finds himself struggling with this particular question. Being visited by the spirit of your dead ex-wife will have that effect on a guy.

Michael’s constant struggle to come to grips with this spiritual world in which his wife resides holds in stark contrast to everything else. The man can do no wrong. In this episode alone, he managed to walk another doctor through a complicated medical procedure without the proper equipment, played some killer piano while at his sister’s house, and performed brain surgery on another human being like it was the easiest thing in the world. Take it down a notch Mike. You are making the rest of us look bad.

I’ll admit that I am interested to see where this show goes. I am not interested in the clinic angle. It’s there as a crutch anytime the writers seem to run out of ways to get the greatest doctor in the world to humanize or humble himself. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how they use Margo Martindale going forward once they start filming new episodes (assuming they won’t get canceled). A Gifted Man certainly shows promise to become a Friday night staple for CBS.

I believe there is reason for optimism. First, the show is winning the right battles in the ratings right now. Second, CBS viewers have proven throughout the years that they will keep on anything with a pulse on Friday nights (See GHOST WHISPERER, The). And finally, it seems that the writers understand what they have in Patrick Wilson. Aside from some terrible dialogue with this week’s new patient, Patrick Wilson brings a lot of things to the table without taking anything off of it.

I wish you good luck A Gifted Man. You certainly have my attention for the time being.

See you soon.

The TV Czar