THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The Reckoning” Review

vampire diaries

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The Reckoning” Season 3 Episode 5 – It’s senior prank night this week, and the kids of Mystic Cove all converge on the high school to do set-up. Caroline is all gung-ho about getting everyone involved and creating memories, and even Tyler takes to it like a wolf to red meat (see what I did there?). But there’s someone lurking in the shadows — Klaus.

But with the necklace off on a road trip with Katherine and Damon, Klaus is left with only one option – blackmail. He feeds Tyler his blood and then breaks his neck. If Bonnie can’t figure out how to fix the hybrid transformation issue in half an hour, Tyler will die. Since the witches won’t talk to Bonnie directly, she decides to ask Jeremy’s help. But where is he?

With Katherine and Damon, it turns out. Armed with the necklace and the knowledge that Jeremy can see ghosts, Katherine puts her plan into action. Jeremy needs to ask Anna how to kill Klaus, since Pearl apparently told Anna the secret years before. It takes a little persuading (i.e. Damon ‘persuading’ Jeremy’s face to hit a picnic table) before she opens up. The trick to killing Klaus is to find the vampire who kills other vampires, the ultimate vampire hunter. By the end of the episode, Katherine and Jeremy have found him and opened up his tomb.

But Damon heads back to Mystic Falls once he sees text messages from Bonnie telling him about Klaus’ arrival. He gets there late though and finds Elena in hospital. Compelled to forget his love for her, Stefan had drank her blood, but, more importantly, she was being slowly drained of blood by a compelled nurse. Why?

Well Bonnie managed to contact the other side after all – or rather Matt did. He drowned himself in order to see Vicky, and it was only Bonnie’s CPR skills that saved his life, allowing him to give her a message from the first witch sent via Vicky: the trick to creating hybrids isn’t to kill the doppleganger, it’s to use the doppleganger’s blood to complete the transformation.

Which Klaus tried on Tyler. Now our beloved Tywolf is more of a Tybrid, and he seems pretty damned happy with the outcome. Elena, on the other hand, isn’t quite so pleased with events, especially since Stefan states his intention to stick around and keep an eye on things for Klaus. But while she now has an ex-boyfriend that doesn’t love her to content with, Elena also has a new knight in shining armour. ‘I will never leave you again,’ Damon says, and he seems to mean it. Oh, Damon.

‘The Reckoning’ was a strange episode. I mean, it was a good one, and the contained nature of the episode – mainly taking place inside the high school – was pretty fun to watch. There was some amazing stuff – Matt wanting to see his sister and get involved with the odd goings on so badly that he drowns himself was hard to watch. Our One True Human really is an outsider nowadays, alone with distracted friends and no family. Or rather, he was. Now he can see his dead sister and he’s special. He and Jeremy should set up their own psychic detective agency!

But this whole hybrid/curse/first witch thing is getting ridiculous. There are so many twists and turns that I’m starting to lose track – was the necklace needed after all? Was it all a ruse? As much as I like Klaus, I almost want the vampire hunter to kill him just to simplify things. There is just so much going on in Mystic Falls right now.

On the bright side, there’s now an opportunity for Damon and Elena to get together, and it will be fun to see this new colder Stefan lounging around the mansion. What will it take for him to remember his love for Elena? And more importantly, will he remember before Elena falls for Damon too?

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