THE SECRET CIRCLE “Slither” Review

The Secret Circle

THE SECRET CIRCLE “Slither” Season 1 Episode 5 – We pick up the morning after the night before, this week, with the circle dealing with the aftermath of Heather’s death. It doesn’t take long for them to realise the demon is inside Melissa, but it’s what happens after they get it out that deals a huge blow to the circle and sets the tone for the rest of the season.

The possessed Melissa convinced Nick to help her unearth a suitcase apparently containing her family’s book of shadows. But the circle soon discover there’s something more menacing inside – demons. Unable to deal with such a powerful threat, Cassie enlists help in the form of her grandmother, Jane.

Jane rushes to the rescue, destroying the suitcase full of demons and attempting to exorcise the demon from inside Melissa. But the demon escapes and enters Nick, who takes off into the night — and turns up at the boathouse to talk to Dawn. It’s here we learn that Dawn and Charles (and perhaps others?) summoned the demon sixteen years before. Jane tells the demon that they should talk elsewhere – secretly calling Charles so he hears and meets them there – and they go down to the docks.

The pair decide to drown the demon to kill it – which also means drowning Nick. The episode ends with Cassie and Jane finding him and alerting the others, Faye comforting Melissa, while Diana makes Adam promise to never leave her.

Of the episodes aired so far, this may have been the weakest. While it had some strong moments, mostly anytime Jane was on screen, nothing much actually happened beyond the demon making people scream and use ridiculous voices. We did, at least, get a solid idea of what Dawn and Charles hope to achieve. They think that the circle may be able to help them get their powers back, but to do some requires six magic crystals. Dawn’s has run out of juice – but unknown to her, Jane has one too. How long will it be until she discovers this?

But let’s not gloss over Nick’s death. I’m actually really surprised that The Secret Circle has killed off a main character so early on in the series. Nick was the character with the most promise, the blank slate amongst the group. Aside from affecting the air of a bad boy and sleeping with Melissa, Nick didn’t actually have much to do until this episode. And now he’s dead, an example of how far Charles and Diana will go to both achieve their aims and protect their children. At least Nick’s death showed us that Dawn and Charles aren’t totally evil.

And, hey, Nick went out in style. Firstly, he had an epic ‘hater’s gonna hate’ walk through the forest – complete with Damon Salvatore hair – and then he got punched in the face in what could be the funniest scene of TSC so far. I just really wish it had been Melissa who died – the character isn’t anywhere near as interesting as the others, and there’s only so much of Jessica Parker Kennedy’s acting that a person can take.

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