THE MENTALIST “Ring Around The Rosie” Review

The Mentalist (CBS) Ring Around The Rosie

THE MENTALIST “Ring Around The Rosie” Season 4 Episode 4 – In this episode the CBI team is tracking down two killers. Only trouble is that one of them hasn’t done anything yet.

Lisbon and the team find a man stabbed to death at a rally but when an old homeless musician confesses, she’s not convinced that he really did it. Jane stumbles across a man that his instincts and skills tell him is a killer but the guy has yet to commit any sort of crime. So Lisbon sets out to prove one man’s innocence while Jane and the rest of the team work on pushing Tibbs into committing a crime.

Meanwhile the team has a new boss and though I have to admit I found him a bit charming at first, I think that he could be trouble for Jane in the future. He’s decided that Jane is a psychopath and while I can’t necessarily fault him for thinking that, using tests and books to try and define Jane is a bit ridiculous – just as it’s ridiculous to define anyone like that. If Wainwright is going to let books tell him how to deal with people I think he’s going to be in for quite the challenge in this job.

My favorite bits..

Jane admitting that he was close..only after he knew that there was a murder to be solved.

“You always go job hunting with a loaded gun?” – I bet that wouldn’t go over very well with most HR people.

Wainwright saying that he hadn’t gotten to the end of Jane’s file yet. Boy, I bet that’s an interesting read.

Kinda wishing that Jane had brought a disguise.

Jane trying to do a Texas accent and thinking that he actually didn’t do it too badly.

“What’s your weapon of choice?”
“A loaded one.”

Jane getting Tibbs to hold that rifle. Talk about scary.

“No practical value? I guess the same could be said for middle management bureaucrats.” – Looks like Jane and Wainwright are getting off to a great start. LOL.

Willy admitting that he had no place to guy and that jail was some place. Aw, so sad.

“Maybe it’ll make you sound extra smart, just like him.”

Jane making Wainwright inadvertently copy everything he did.

Cho taking out all the bottles with one shot each. Also, just for the record, I’m really digging that casual look on him.

Jane making his prediction that Tibbs would do something by the end of the day.

Lisbon coming across pictures of her murderer, in the process of murdering. Nope, doesn’t get much more plain than that.

Van Pelt admitting to the waitress about how she had to shoot her own fiancé not that long ago. Wow, yeah that would probably have convinced me to let them into the house, too.

Just about losing it when Tibbs reached into that bag and pulled out those flowers. Whew, my poor heart.

Thinking that Wainwright telling Tibbs that the government had been watching him was probably not the best idea in the world.

“You think it will turn off the vacancy sign in your soul.” – Wow, what a great line.

Jane telling Tibbs that shooting someone wasn’t going to help and he knew that from experience. Hm, interesting little comment there seeing as how Jane hasn’t really talked much about killing Red John (or whoever he was).

They replaced Tibbs’ ammo with blanks? Okay that was freaking brilliant.

Lisbon giving Willy the saxophone.

Jane rousting Wainwright from his spot on the couch.

Wainwright telling Jane that according to his little test, Jane was a psychopath. Yep, just proves those tests are useless. LOL.

“You think I’m an anit-social personality?”
“Yeah, sure. Who isn’t?” – Haha! Love it. So very true.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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