Roswell Hottie Jason Behr Coming Back to TV on BREAKOUT KINGS

jason behr dragon wars
Actor Jason Behr, who has been sadly missed on TV (especially by his still rapid fans from the series Roswell), will be back on the small screen in the A&E series BREAKOUT KINGS.

And while the character, Max Evans, that Behr played on Roswell was an out-of-this world alien with a heart of gold, the potentially recurring role he will play on the prison break style series is very far from that.

According to TV Line, Behr will play Darius, a convicted rapist and murderer who manages to escape from prison with the help of an adoring sycophant. The character is described as a creep with “equal parts vicious, amoral, and brilliant”. He will prove to be a real foil for Duchamp’s (Laz Alonso) rag-tag task force.

Behr will appear in the season premiere, which starts shooting next week in Baton Rouge.

Breakout Kings will start its second season on A&E sometime next year.