PROJECT RUNWAY “The Final Challenge” Review

PROJECT RUNWAY The Finale Challenge Season 9 Episode 12 (11)

PROJECT RUNWAY “The Final Challenge” Season 9 Episode 12 – It’s the last challenge that will decide what designers will show at Fashion Week, and which designer (or which two designers) will take their final walk down the runway.

Our final five designers are Viktor, Joshua, Laura, Anya, and Kimberly and to say that each of them (aside from Joshua from what I could see) are nervous about this final challenge is an understatement.

Emotions are running high and now the designers are responsible for creating a “mini” collection to show the judges. Three varying looks, but a cohesive collection is the challenge for this week. The designers are given a $500 budget to spend at Mood and one hour to find inspiration and sketch on Governor’s Island. They are then given an assistant to help them create their three looks in two days. The last five designers to be eliminated are back, and using the button bag the remaining designers pick their partners.

What inspires the designers? Well, Anya takes to the sculptures, and how looking at them at different angles creates a completely different look to the artwork. She decides to go with this theme in her designs, and in a very un-Anya like move doesn’t use a printed material. Instead she uses solids in white, rust, and black.

Her black cocktail dress is beautiful, and I want to own it. High collar but with a low back, it was simple, elegant, and classy. The judges loved it. Her white cocktail dress almost set me over the edge with panic as I watched her and Bert try to construct this thing. It was literally but on backwards and inside out as the designers and models went to the runway. It was beautiful, but stressful. Her separate look was chic, but nothing special.

Joshua (Who I just DO NOT LIKE) has a complete attitude towards Anya and continuously talks about her lack of skill behind her back. Get over it, Josh. You LOST the challenge. And Anya has more talent in her vision and designs that you can ever hope to have – I don’t care if people need to be cut out of her clothes. I’d rather wear her designs than yours.

Anyway. Josh goes with another “theme” for his inspiration – hard meets soft. The artillery on Governor’s Island happened to be right next to a church. Josh decides to combine the two, and THANK GOD Bryce was able to talk him out of actually painting plastic and using it on a dress. Josh was going to take the stained glass window look a little too far, but Bryce was able to reign him in, and Joshua edited himself. a little.

He created a silver draped gown that looked more like the statue of liberty than anything else. Michael said that he believes Joshua is just attracted to shine and glitz and feels that he really needs to edit his looks because they can very easily start to look cheap. I agree.

Joshua also creates a short cheerleader looking skirt with a striped tank and vest. the poor girl looked like she needed a head piece and a baton. It was horrible. The judges however, didn’t love the look, but agreed that at least Joshua had vision and ideas.

Laura is really emotional. She can taste Fashion Week and wants it probably more than anyone on that stage. Her inspiration are all of the circular shapes she discovered on the island. Working with Anthony Ryan, she creates a gown with black lattice work. I felt the translation from inspiration to design was a bit too literal, but the judges really liked her gown. They were less than thrilled with her other two looks, ESPECIALLY her dress. I have to agree with celebrity judge Zoe Saldana when she said that the dress looked like a pillow case.

Poor Laura.

Then there’s Viktor. Viktor is wonderful, and is inspired by the Manhattan skyline in the distance from the Island. He’s working with Olivier (Really? THAT guy is back?) and of course all three of his looks are amazing.

Except for the skirt with the boning along the hips. I wasn’t too thrilled with this look. It made the model look like there was a piece of lining that wasn’t quite tacked down under the skirt. However, Michael hit it on the head when he said that Viktor’s designs are the most commercial of the designers.

While this may be a dirty word in the fashion industry, it will still make money! And Viktor’s clothes are beautifully made.

Then there’s Kimberly. Poor Kimberly changed her look literally about 20 times. From pants to no pants, skirt, to pants, etc, etc, etc. I thought Becky was going to tear her hair out.

Kimberly finally ends up designing a skirt with what looked like plastic quilting material, an orange jacket (which was super cute), and a beautiful silver dress. The dress really reminded me of the challenge that she designed for Nina, and the judges say the same.

Kimberly is immediately defensive of her looks on the runway during her critique. I feel that her emotions were just at the breaking point, and I really, REALLY thought that we were going to say goodbye to Kimberly last night.

It turns out that we have four designers showing at Fashion Week on Project Runway! Kimberly, Anya, Viktor, and Joshua will all create their collections, and one of them will be the winner. Poor Laura is “out”, but I really don’t think this is the last we’ll see of her.

What did you think of the judge’s choices? Which of the final four do you want to win this season of Project Runway?

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