PRIVATE PRACTICE “Deal With It” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 5 Episode 3 “Deal With It”- Another Private Practice, another opening with Addison chatting with a shrink. I really hope this isn’t going to continue the entire season. We get it. Addison needed, and sought, professional help. Moving on.

Finding Amelia back on day one in an AA meeting is a little more than troubling since it seems like her reinstated hospital privileges are intact. Freezing her out is fine Charlotte, but if she’s going to hate you anyways, couldn’t you schedule a daily breathalyzer so you’ll be bitchy and effective?

Addison gets the sympathetic patient of the evening, a woman born without a uterus who’s enlisted the help of the new guy to transplant her grandmother’s uterus into her. Gross. The idea is gross, but the woman’s teary eyed monologue about wanting to connect with her dead mother through motherhood is sweet. It’s sad when it doesn’t take, but Mr. smooth talker quickly convinces her she’ll be a mother another way. Considering he persuaded her of this in about two minutes, couldn’t he have tried to sway her before she asked for a dangerous operation?

Amelia gets “Deal With It’s” moral dilemma patient. The patient has Parkinson’s, which is sad. However she cheats on her husband and gives him gonorrhea, not cool. But, it turns out her Parkinson’s meds altered her brain chemistry, so the impulsive sex wasn’t her fault, so she’s ok. But she wants to keep taking the drugs and doing strangers because her husband isn’t the greatest lover.To condemn or not to condemn, that is the question. I wasn’t swayed by her sob story to Sam about her husband’s unwillingness to wait until she’s finished, but the debate is what makes this a fun water cooler show.

The most honest moment of “Deal With It” came when Addison and Violet admit they’re not really friends. It’s great because every other character is just expected to become besties because they work together, and that just doesn’t always happen. It’s marred a little by the slightly forced friendship pact, but it still works.

Pete and Violet are still fighting, in spite of their hot, hot sex and Violet’s new haircut, which I think was suppose to fix everything. When Pete finally admits that he’s afraid of dying before he’s done raising Lucas, it seems like such an anti-climax after all his hemming and hawing about his lack of fear. It was obvious he’s afraid of dying, and afraid of leaving his kid with a father-less childhood like his. Give us something unexpected-Violet admits she’s afraid Pete thinks she’s a bad mom, and Pete roles over and admits, “I’m afraid of Zombies.”

Charlotte and Cooper finally make up after another obvious emotional confession from Charlotte and they are oh so happy, which the writers can’t let happen for more than one scene. Cue….the discovery of Cooper’s eight year old son. This isn’t a very original plot line, but I hope Private Practice mixes up the tropes a little bit. Instead of the eight year gap being explained away with, “I just didn’t know how to tell you.” the mom could admit, “I just got really, really busy.”

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Cooper be able to handle a kid?