PARKS AND RECREATION “Pawnee Rangers” Review

Parks and Recreation

PARKS AND RECREATION “Pawnee Rangers” Season 4 Episode 4 – Gotta say, my experience with the Girl Scouts would’ve been a lot better if Leslie Knope had been my troupe leader. This week on PARKS AND RECREATION it’s Leslie’s “Pawnee Goddesses” again Ron’s “Pawnee Rangers” and may the best woman (or man) win!

Ron’s Pawnee Rangers are headed out for a weekend in the wild where Ron is expecting to teach them about self reliance. Since no girls are allowed to join the Rangers, Leslie started her own group – the Pawnee Goddesses, and takes them out on a weekend trip with Ron.

Between puppy parties, s’more cook offs, and corn husk dolls, Leslie’s Goddesses look like the MUCH better team to be on than Ron’s Pawnee Rangers. The Rangers are given a one sentence survival manual: “Be a man.” along with a tarp and the box it came in. They are then given 10 minutes to create a shelter for themselves, and a sad can of beans to eat.

Andy is also involved in the Ranger’s outing as “Brother Nature” – just another way for Ron to teach his boys survival skills. It doesn’t take long before the Pawnee Rangers are jumping ship directly into Leslie’s boat. Seeing Ron sitting alone, Leslie goes to talk to him, and Ron admits that she’s won. That he just doesn’t understand kids, and they don’t understand him.

Leslie makes it up to Ron by placing an ad looking for boys to join a different type of group. (“Are you tough as nails? Do you march to the beat of a different drummer? Did you make the drum yourself?”) I love the relationship between Leslie and Ron, and this move was particularly touching.

Then we have Donna, Tom and Ben. It’s “Treat Yo Self” Day – a day where once a year Donna and Tom go to a spa, buy themselves anything, and just have a day to themselves. Seeing that Ben needs a friend, Donna invites him a long and tries to show him how to cut loose and treat himself without worrying.

He doesn’t enjoy the spa, harps make him nervous. He’s less than thrilled with acupuncture, and when they shop, he buys himself a pair of socks. It’s then that Donna convinces him to think outside the box, and Ben buys himself a Batman costume, which brings him to tears and he says “I really needed this.”

I laughed right out loud as Ben traipsed around in that Batman costume, and I sincerely hope it makes a reappearance in future Park and Recreation episodes.

As if that weren’t enough, we also have Chris and Jerry’s daughter Millicent. Apparently Jerry’s wife is SMOKIN’ HOT, because his daughter is STUNNING, something that Chris doesn’t miss. The trio have lunch and Chris and Millicent hit it off. So now Chris is dating Jerry’s. daughter. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

For the 50th episode of Parks and Recreation, I have to say that “Pawnee Rangers” was hilarious and one of my favorite episodes to date.

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