Exclusive Interview: Kaitlin Doubleday Talks About Her Upcoming Role on HUNG, Insane Sex Scenes and Creative Freedom

Hung Kaitlin Doubleday

This coming sunday, HUNG airs its third episode of the season titled “‘Mister Drecker’ or ‘Ease Up on the Whup-Ass’” in which Ray fears he’s blown his cover when he mistakes Logan, a former student, for a client.

Logan is played by the beautiful and charming actress Kaitlin Doubleday whom Daemon’s TV had the opportunity to chat about this upcoming episode. Kaitlin opened up about the intricacies of her character, the intense on-screen sex scenes she had to prepare for and her approach to her career overall.

Check out what she had to say below and don’t forget to tune in this Sunday October 16 at 10 pm on HBO to watch the upcoming episode of Hung.

How did you get involved with this series?

Kaitlin Doubleday: Well, I auditioned for it and I really was in love with the character and I just thought she was hysterical. So, when I didn’t get it, I was really devastated. And then a friend called me and said, ‘The girl that got it didn’t feel comfortable with all the nudity and stuff and she pulled out.‘ So, I called my agents right away and said, ‘Get me back in on “Hung“. I just found out that the girl was out.’ And my agency are not fans of nudity at all. So, they were like, ‘Are you sure, lady? Maybe it was a sign and blah, blah, blah.’

And I was like, ‘No, I’m sure. I’m not getting any younger. It’s time to bite the nudity bullet‘ I loved this character. So, I went back in and worked really hard. And I had to go back in a bunch more times just because they were shooting and the right people weren’t ever in the room. It was super nerve-wracking, but when you feel super right for something- in my heart I was like, ‘They made a mistake by giving it to somebody else.’

And in the end it really did work out. They ended up writing me more episodes because it was a good fit. From the moment I got there it was just amazing. And then Logan, my character, became more of a part of the show and part of Ray’s life. And that was all unexpected and really wonderful. So it was awesome.

So, who is Logan? And what’s her relationship with Ray?

Kaitlin Doubleday: Logan is a former student of Ray’s who was kind of like a hot, popular girl in high school and who has had a crush- who had a crush on him in high school. Sort of a spoiled, rich, ‘It’s my world and you’re living in it’ sort of girl. Which I’ve never played a part of anybody who’s as confident as Logan. So, it gives you a lot of freedom because nothing anybody says to her really has an effect on her. So her responses are kind of hilarious.

With all the characters you’ve taken on over the years, do you have an approach to taking on a new character that you use every time or does it vary on a case by case basis?

Kaitlin Doubleday: It’s very on a case-by-case basis. I work on them through the auditions the same time kind of ways. But once I really try to work on the character, it’s always different. I have an audition tomorrow that, or today, that I worked on like I’ve never worked on anything before and I’ve been doing this for ten years. So I think you should find something that works for you, obviously. But sometimes it’s good to mix it up. And with different characters it’s always going to make you dig into different skills or aspects of your training.

So, with Logan I didn’t really know what to do other than when I would get insanely nervous and think I was going to throw up because I was about to have some insane sequence of five sex scenes in a row naked, I knew that in order to keep Logan who she was and who she was starting to become, I couldn’t let those nerves seep into me at all. Whereas on other sets, if I’d had to do sex scenes which have never have been this insane, but even if I got a little bit nervous, I would say, ‘Oh my god, I’m nervous.’ Or whatever.

Whereas on this show, I didn’t. I didn’t ever mention that I was nervous on set at all because I didn’t want it to seep into whatever performance I was going to give Logan because she was literally the opposite of being nervous. She exudes a sort of sexuality that’s very confident. And I was constantly saying:, ‘What would Logan do right now?’ And then I would just do that. And I’ve never done that before but that worked for me on this show.

Over the years, you’ve learned some lessons playing different characters and being on different sets. If you had the opportunity, in a hypothetical world where you could go back in time and talk to yourself before you started this career, what would be your advice to yourself?

Kaitlin Doubleday: Wow. I was on a screening of ‘Doubt’ and somebody asked Meryl Streep that question and I loved her answer. But I’m not sort of evolved or haven’t reached the amount of success that I could give that answer to myself yet. But her answer was, ‘Don’t worry about your weight and your body.’ Because she spent so many years doing that. Now if I was at her level and didn’t have to worry about my weight and my body, that would be freaking awesome and that would be my answer.

But, I think my answer would more be if I could change the way that I’ve done- lived my career the last ten years, I think I would take each audition more seriously. So, even if I didn’t want it and I didn’t really care about the audition instead of giving like ninety percent, I think I wish I’d given a hundred and fifty percent on all of them. And, therefore, I would get more and say, ‘I don’t want those.’ But I think that as an actress, there’s a part of you that needs to protect yourself.

So, you may not give a hundred percent on everything so that there’s a little piece of yourself that you’re protecting and saying, ‘Well, I didn’t get that because I didn’t exactly do what I wanted to do in the room.’ And that’s subconscious and on sort of a deeper level but I think that concerns a lot of actors, too. And I really like the ones that just go balls to the wall on sort of every single audition, which is a lot of work, but I wish I had done that more. And not just on the ones that I really wanted but just on all of them. And see if that would have changed the trajectory of where I am now at twenty-seven.

That’s good advice to yourself. I guess now you’re living it so it’s easier to apply that.

Kaitlin Doubleday: Yeah. And that’s a new sort of realization. I didn’t even kind of realize that I was doing. I think that just sort of comes with evolving and spending your life auditioning. And that’s the crazy thing about being an actor that maybe a lot of people don’t know but even if you’re a working actor that makes your money and doesn’t have a second job and is lucky enough to be a working actor. You might only work two months out of the year, which is crazy. And the rest of it is this other job that is auditioning.

It’s like a permanent job interview.

Kaitlin Doubleday: Yeah, a permanent job interview. And those are the lucky people that have good agents, that have fans and casting directors that want to see them constantly. And so even though it feels kind of torturous, that’s the lucky side of it. It’s a weird job but the payoff is to be on a show as well-written and with characters that are as realized as ‘Hung’. When I was finishing up what I was doing on the show, I just thought, ‘This is an awesome, awesome experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m so glad that I’m able to do this in my life and in my career. And to work on a show like this. It feels amazing.’

I was looking at some of the shows that you’ve been on in the past and a lot of them have been on network TV and I think this is one of your first forays on a premium cable channel. What are the noticeable differences between network TV and premium?

Kaitlin Doubleday: Well, I’m not going to generalize on all network TV cause I feel like there are one or two shows that are really good and really funny. But for the most part and certainly everything I’ve done, it’s there’s a freedom on these HBO shows. There’s a creative freedom. There’s a different energy on the producing, writing side. It doesn’t feel like a bunch of people that are crunching to make a television show. It feels like a creative group of people that have the mindset of the truth of the characters.

It’s not like, ‘ get these shots done.’ It’s, ‘We have to keep to doing these shots until they’re right.’ And I think that’s on all on other HBO shows like ‘Boardwalk Empire’ as well. And I think that- and it’s so obvious. I was a huge fan of ‘Six Feet Under‘ and I know watching that show it was not shot in the way that network television is shot, where it’s like ‘Okay, we’ve got this amount of time to get this shot.’ No, you’re going to stay there until that shot is done.

That creates a huge artistic freedom for everybody involved. For the writers and the director and especially the actors. Because when you really have something that you want to do and it’s not coming across, on HBO or these networks, I could ask the director for another take. Where I don’t know if I would feel comfortable taking the time to do that on a network show because they would be like, ‘No, that’s fine. We got it.’ And on these shows, they’re like, ‘Yeah, of course. Whatever you want.’

If you could guest star on any show you want, which one would it be?

Kaitlin Doubleday: That’s going to be really hard for me because I don’t watch television. But I guess it would be ‘Boardwalk Empire’. Yeah. Because of the costumes and the time period and the cast. But the truth is I really don’t watch much TV so I don’t know.