THE LEAGUE “The Sukkah” Review

THE LEAGUE “The Sukkah” Season 3 Episode 2 – I agree with Ruxin, the plight of the upper middle class White male needs to be recognized. Why don’t people understand the difficulty of sifting through fantasy teams on an iPhone while driving an SUV to a suburban split level? Sadly, dangerous potholes, and menstruating women lurk around every corner to disrupt our few moments of tranquility.

What’s a man to do in dire times such as these? The answer is obvious: Blame Hitler. The boy seem to have tapped into something very useful for men that may find themselves in similar situations. Need your computer fixed at the office, but the IT guys are being slow? Draw a swastika on it. Want to make sure your food doesn’t get taken? Draw a swastika on it. Want the author to stop using rhetorical questions? Not much you can do about it. I guess it works in almost any situation.

When blaming Hitler fails to yield satisfactory results, a white, middle class man can always turn to being terrible at fantasy football. Though undoubtedly no one cares, I can’t imagine an 8 man league populated by worse fantasy football players. One guy had four defenses! And it wasn’t even Taco! I don’t know what newfangled rules these gentlemen are playing by, but it has led to some interesting teams.

Finally, when all else fails, white, middle class men can come together to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Now, I am not Jewish so I am not sure of the structure of the traditional Jewish holiday of Sukkot. However, after watching this episode of The League it would seem that Sukkot is supposed to feature the use of cannabis to say a prayer, some kosher foods, and a little girl playing a homemade porno. Feel free to correct me in the comments section below.

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The TV Czar