SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: “Night Terror” by John Passarella Book Review

Supernatural - Night Terror by John Passarella

This is now the third Supernatural tie in novel that I’ve been lucky enough to review for Daemon’s TV and the oddest thing is that I keep finding each one better than the last. In between reading the books we’ve been sent to review, I read another one that I bought on my own and didn’t like it that much. So I’m really enjoying the luck I’m having with the ones that Titan Books has sent us. Here’s hoping my luck stays and the next one is even better.

For me, what works about this book is the fact that it’s as close as you’re going to get to that perfect scenario we fans look for on the show. It’s basically just the boys, the Impala and some monsters to fight. The first book I reviewed on this site took place in between seasons five and six so Sam and Dean weren’t together. And while the second book I reviewed did have Sam and Dean together, it was Soulless Sam who was there, not the real Sam.

But this book takes place later in season six, so we have real Sam back with the wall in his head intact to keep all those nasty memories of Hell from doing precisely what they are doing to him in the series now. Sam and Dean are sent by Bobby to a town called Clayton Falls, Colorado. When they get there they find that the place is crawling with strange creatures and monsters – from giant Gila monsters and spiders, to killer trees and zombies. None of it makes sense until they get to the bottom of what is causing all of these appearances and then of course there’s your standard race against time to save everyone before the entire town dies bloody.

Night Terror also features some of the most violent kills I’ve ever read in my life. In fact some of the scenes were so violent and gross that I’ll admit right now that I did skip ahead on a few of them. I’m all for horror and violence but when things get so bad that I think I might hurl, I have to move on. I guess that makes me a wimp but at least I was able to keep my last meal where it belonged and I consider that a victory.

So for those who want to read a good old fashioned monster story featuring your favorite hunters, I highly recommend this book. It’s got everything in it that a Supernatural fan could want.

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