REVENGE “Duplicity” Review

REVENGE “Duplicity” Season 1 Episode 4 – Duplicity is the perfect word to describe this show, its characters and their dark layers. This is a show which revels in its soapiness but is not complacent as being either a mire of relationships or a bog of contrived plots. It strives for something far more intelligent than relationship triangles, and does so with such a wide toothless grin that it’s hard not to love it.

This week Emily went after the psychiatrist Dr Banks and revealed all of her clients’ secrets at a mother daughter luncheon. I was so delighted when Emily’s own video popped up on screen, as if she’d too been victimized, that I freaking applauded. Every episode Emily’s character becomes more and more like Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons. I love it. And this strategic attack not only crippled Dr Banks’ repute and practice, but completely decimated the relationship between Charlotte and her mother Victoria, pushing the former closer to Declan, a relationship I like mainly because of the easy charm of the two actors, but I’m hoping they’ll be given something more to do than make puppy eyes at each other. At least they’re not in Jack’s situation, cursed to be bland and, ugh, noble (just because he care about Haiti doesn’t mean I like him.)

Oh, and lest we forget, Emily locked Dr Banks up IN A FREAKING SHIPPING CONTAINER. Emily has done some pretty extreme stuff, but this is the first time we’re given an indication that she’s willing to put her victims in physical harm’s way. Sure, it was to get back at the crazy bitch who tormented her as a child, and sure, she deserved it, but it was still very extreme. Bravo Emily.

The other subplots were not nearly as fun as the A storyline, mainly because they were still in establishment mode: I have no idea what Tyler’s game is, preventing Emily from seeing Daniel and getting the latter off his sobriety stretch, but it certainly has the whiff of malice about it. Now this show really needs to find something to do with Jack that isn’t giving Emily really sad, longing looks.

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