PERSON OF INTEREST “Cura Te Ipsum” Review

PERSON OF INTEREST “Cura Te Ipsum” Season 1 Episode 4 – One of my favorite new fall shows, Person of Interest, returned this week with “Cura Te Ipsum”.

Our PoI this week was one Dr. Tillman, played by the lovely Linda Cardellini, who some people might know as also playing a doctor on a little show called ER. She may be type cast here, but at least she plays the overworked doctor well, and we see early on that she’s getting mixed in with the wrong folk.

Meanwhile, our requisite scenes with Taraji P. Henson’s Detective Carter are still here to bother me. She was going over the footage from last week’s episode, where Reese was robbing the vault, and do you know how she knew that it was Reese under the mask? She just knew! Seriously. That was her explanation. “I just know”. That is NOT a good explanation if you’re hinging your whole case on “just knowing” something. If that’s how she makes the connection to the fact that Reese and Finch were together, that makes zero sense. I really hope she finds some other kind of proof that connects them, as this was one of the largest gaps in logic we’ve ever seen this show have. Also, she has no way of knowing that Reese said anything to him as his back was to the camera, and I couldn’t even see Finch’s lips move either. This was definitely a huge blot in this otherwise solid installment.

On the other hand, the other cop on this show was much more interesting this week. Kevin Chapman’s Detective Fusco returned and we find out that he’s become indebted to a group of drug dealers. He asked Reese to help him get out of this mess, and when Reese actually did help him beat up the drug dealers Fusco had the audacity to stab Reese in the back by ratting him out to the drug dealers. It was smart of Reese to forgive him for that, as it puts him firmly in Reese’s pocket, and now he’s going to be working with Detective Carter and hopefully try to put her off of Reese’s scent.

It was cool to learn that Dr. Tillman was actually stalking this doctor as she blames him for the suicide of her sister. But for me, it kind of throws into question how exactly the machine in this show works. I mean, how long before her attempted murder of this wall street guy does her number come up? It looks like she’s been planning his murder for months, but they just hear about it a couple days before it goes down? It’s not a complaint, really more of a nerdy detail I was thinking of.

The episode certainly ended strong. I loved the scene of Tillman and Reese in the diner, having a quiet and controlled conversation about vengeance and regret. This was a great moment that led to the great ending scene, which was our first cliffhanger of this short series. I’m excited to see what happens next week, and I’m officially a fan of this show!

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Random Thoughts:

– I don’t know too much about drug dealers and their culture, apart from watching Breaking Bad, but do drug dealers really show up at dirty cops houses and say “We’re supposed to be drug dealers”?

– When Reese was on the phone with Finch while Reese was spying on the cop talking to the prostitute, he took the phone away from his ear when he still had to say half of his line. I guess he’s so used to talking on his bluetooth.

– Is it just me, or does everybody else start singing that One Republic song in their head whenever somebody says “It’s too late to apologize”? I certainly did.