GREY’S ANATOMY “Love, Loss, and Legacy” Review

GREY’S ANATOMY “Love, Loss and Legacy” Season 8 Episode 5 – Tonight was a bit old school Grey’s Anatomy and that’s always a good thing. We’re back to the auditorium where the doctors look more like the high school students they are. Between Alex getting ready for a nap and Christina working her hand, all we needed to complete the teen assembly tableau was Avery blowing spitballs and Meredith fixing her lip gloss.

For all the build-up (including sending Lexie away) of Avery’s mother the shrew, she didn’t seem that bad. Overbearing, yes, but not nearly as nasty as the (lucid) late Dr. Grey. Her presentation of the penis-less man and the pan of the shocked faces was also classic Grey’s Anatomy in the best way. I liked Alex’s look of horror the best.

So there’s the prerequisite running of the surgeons which and Avery and Grey won, meaning they got to scrub in on the patient, which pleases Mama Avery as she’ll get to berate her son and grill Meredith about her son’s girlfriend for an entire surgery.

When during the challenge Alex is paged and runs off, I honestly didn’t expect to see a tiny sick Zola, though I should have-they only run when they have a personal interest in the patient. I was a little confused about the discussion of confidentiality that was brought up as the reason for keeping Zola’s troubles from Meredith and Derrick, who’s privacy were they protecting, the baby’s? Like all of the other breaches of protocol, when Alex caves and tells Christina, who tells Meredith (using only her eyes, like Lassie or some other non-verbal barer of bad news), there’s a little yelling followed by broad scale acceptance.

The most confusing plot line of the night was Bailey and her respective lover and ex-lover. She comes to the conclusion she’s just using her murse for the sex, and decides to end things with him, but I thought they moved past the boy toy stage last season when he insisted he come home and meet her son. And then there’s the strong implication that she’s going to end up in the arms of the sexy anesthesiologist; really there is no bad for Miranda Bailey here, but something about her having boy trouble seems to throw the whole show out of whack; her job is to glare at the other supply closet sexaholics with disdain and go do all the surgeries. At least her anger at Meredith seems normal, she’s always ticked at her for something.

Zola’s fine, and the news of her recovery seems to teeter Mer-Der closer to reconciliation, but not quite close enough. I am done with emo McDreamy. I want him to flash reassuring smiles and save lives and take residents under his inspiring wing, not sulk.

Another side-effect of Zola’s recovery is the activation of Aunt Cristina, who can coo and cuddle with the best of them. Meanwhile Owen looks on wistfully slowly creeping towards the breaking point. And if he strangles her in his sleep, he already has an out, he just has to plant a fan.

The elevator moment cast the “Love, Loss, and Legacy,” and season up to this point, in a seriously somber light. The elevator is no longer for stolen glances, passionate kisses, or even romantic proposals. It’s for looking tired and defeated, but still having the energy to convey to the woman who took your baby,using only your eyes (these surgeons are getting good at eye only communication) that you’re really, really good with a scalpel.

My own hope for “Love, Loss, and Legacy” is that it ends with Kepner sleeping with new penis guy Mama Avery set her up with, because that would be the best loss of virginity story. And just to leave the audience just a little more unsettled then we came into the episode,the ghost of Mark’s Lexie love is back! Yay?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Meredith and Derek get Zola back soon?