COMMUNITY “Remedial Chaos Theory” Review

COMMUNITY “Remedial Chaos Theory” Season 3 Episode 3 – “Troy and Abed’s new apartment!” Troy and Abed gleefully greet us into their new home, as well as into the great new episode of Community, “Remedial Chaos Theory”.

This week we got seven different timelines for the price of one, as Jeff rolled a die to see who would get the pizza at Troy and Abed’s party, thus creating six (eventually seven) alternate timelines. Seeing these different courses of the groups night play out in vastly different ways was hilarious, and it’s episodes like these that really differentiate this show from the rest of the comedies on TV.

There’s too many highlights from this episode to even mention here. Pierce’s constant attempts to bring up his Eartha Kitt story, Abed’s built-to-scale replica of the boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and seeing the whole group come together to sing and dance to Roxeanne at the end. This was easily the most entertaining episode of the season thus far, and rivals some of the best episodes from the previous season as well.

The whole idea of this episode reminds me a lot of last season’s infamous bottle episode, where the group was confined to their study room for the entirety of the episode. Here, we were confined to Troy and Abed’s new apartment, and not only were we able to hit so many hilarious comedic moments, but actually hit some dramatic beats as well. Seeing that Pierce is a bit jealous of Abed for stealing his old housemate, Troy, is a very believable emotional feeling for that character to have. Pierce isn’t very sincere too often in this show, so to see a moment of true jealousy was nice to see. We also got a few romantic moments between Jeff/Annie and Troy/Britta, which were both well done.

It’s episodes like these that show you that this show doesn’t need gimmicks. We don’t need paintball, dungeons and dragons, or some other crazy overarching story in the episode. They were able to show us what’s essentially the same scene happening 7 times in a row, and each time was just as entertaining and hilarious as the last. It just goes to show that good writing and great comedic acting always trumps gimmickry and being different for different’s sake.

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Random Thoughts:

– Britta doesn’t usually make me laugh very often, but her “Pizza, pizza, me so hungy!” was the funniest physical comedy her her character has done in a while.

– Abed fixing the little Indiana Jones figurine with all the rest of the chaos going on around him was a perfect Abed moment.

– Troy had me in stitches all night, but I have to say the biggest payoff was seeing that he destroyed his larynx and had a squeaky voice because of it.