AMERICAN HORROR STORY “Home Invasion” Review


AMERICAN HORROR STORY “Home Invasion” Season 1 Episode 2 – This week, AMERICAN HORROR STORY gave me more of what I was expecting from the premiere episode from last Wednesday. From the opening scene to the end credits, American Horror Story really stepped it up during “Home Invasion”.

We start in 1968 with a group of girls that live in the Harmon’s current house. Three of the girls are heading out to a concert (side note: I want to see The Doors live. just saying), but one stays behind to study for her anatomy test. She and the nurse (I’m unclear if the house was being used as a hospital, a boarding house, a dorm?) are quietly minding their own business when there’s a knock on the door.

On the front stoop stands a man bleeding from the head. He asks the girl for help and she lets him in, and begins to clean up his wounds. Only thing is – she can’t find the source of the blood. Turns out, the guy isn’t actually hurt, he just wanted access into the house. He hits girl over the head, knocking her out – and while she’s unconscious, drowns the nurse in a bathtub upstairs.

He then makes the surviving girl strip and put on her nurses uniform before tying her up and stabbing her on the couch. There was more tension in these early moments than in the entire first episode, not to mention more of a “horror” element. I loved it! American Horror Story was finally the show I was expecting.

Then we cut to present day. The Harmon’s are still in the house, Tate is still being treated by Ben, but he starts in on inappropriate thoughts about Violet. Ben doesn’t like this too much. We then see Ben treating a new patient, a woman that seems more interested in the “murder house” than actually being treated by Ben. She’s so interested in fact, that she ends up wandering around Ben’s home after her session with the doctor.

Meanwhile, Ben finds out that the student he had an affair with is pregnant. He lies to Vivien and tells her he has to return to Boston to treat a patient, when in actuality he’s heading back to support the girl while she has an abortion. HEAVY. STUFF.

We know nothing good is going to happen while Ben is away, and nothing does. Turns out his new patient was casing the house and she and two other friends want to reenact the murder that we saw at the beginning of the episode. It’s creepy to the 100th degree, and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to be able to save Vivien and Violet. that is until Addy appears.

Using not so subtle hints, Vivien keeps her attacker’s attention while trying to convey the severity of the situation to Addy. She understands and heads back home to Constance (who is, um. busy. with a guy MUCH too young for her) and tells her that there’s a bad man in the house next door. In American Horror Story’s attempt at humor, Constance believes that Addy is talking about Ben. She agrees
with her that he’s not the most likeable man, and when Addy persists, Constance locks her in a closet full of mirrors – her “bad girl room”.

That was probably one of the most difficult parts for me to watch; it made me feel so horrible for Addy as she screamed and couldn’t get away from her reflection. poor thing. While it elevated Constance’s craziness, it didn’t serve that big a purpose to further the story.

Back in the house, it looks like it may be curtains for Violet as her attackers are ready to drown her in the tub, but its Tate to the rescue, and he grabs Violet telling her to get everyone into the basement – he’ll take it from there. She gets the women into the basement by telling them that her family remodeled the bathroom – and if they want the actual tub where the nurse was drowned, they’d have to go into the basement.

Tate is waiting and axes Ben’s patient, who stumbles out of the house. Violet and the other girl (I’m great with names, aren’t I?) make it to the basement followed closely by the third attacker who started seeing who he THOUGHT was Violet on her way to the basement.

Turns out it wasn’t – instead it was the ghosts of the victims of the initial murders. The spirits do away with the intruders while Vivien and Violet run out of the house screaming (good job, ladies! Too many times women stay in the house when they could be running out the front door. Congrats for being smarter than the average horror girl). Constance makes her way to the basement and then things get even stranger.

Tate and Moira are waiting for her, and she orders them to clean up the bodies to keep the police from asking questions. We then cut to Ben at home and Vivien telling him that they’re selling the house. I do NOT blame her.

A few things happened during American Horror Story this week that made me really interested in upcoming episodes. Constance, Tate, and Moira obviously know each other. Here’s my thought (which was brought to my attention from a reader last week), anyone that we haven’t seen off of the premises of the house is a spirit.

It would make sense that Tate and Moira would know each other then, and why Tate was always just magically in the house. It would also explain Moira’s sudden appearance and why everyone but Ben sees her as an older woman.

I do believe that Constance is the catalyst for the ghosts, and is somehow protecting the house or a well guarded secret (possibly her dead son?) from escaping. I cannot WAIT for more American Horror Story and for more to be revealed about the house and the characters. This second episode really raised the bar for me, I hope the trend continues!

What are your thoughts? Is American Horror Story what you expected?

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