UP ALL NIGHT “Mr. Bob’s Toddler Kaleidoscope” Review

UP ALL NIGHT “Mr. Bob’s Toddler Kaleidoscope” Season 1 Episode 5 – More and more, I find myself enjoying Up All Night and with this week’s episode, “Mr. Bob’s Toddler Kaleidoscope,” I passed a milestone: I’m starting to like Will Arnett’s character, Chris.

What I like about the show so much is that it mocks all the things that annoy me about babies and new parents, while still giving us that “aww” factor that goes along with tiny little people. Which, let’s face it, is the only reason anybody reproduces in this economy.

Regan and Chris…they could be my friends who had a baby in college, long before the rest of us. Regan is caught in the eternal struggle between being good at her job and being good at motherhood. Chris is a big kid at heart, but he’s not the clown I mistook him for in earlier episodes.

In this episode, they decide to start taking baby classes at one of those terrifying children’s play groups, where the grown-ups sit in a circle and act like their babies are going to go to Yale because they’re making them dance to ridiculous songs before they can crawl. Of course, Regan is the pariah of the group because she works and doesn’t have time to learn all the proper play group etiquette. I also found it appropriately creepy how the adults are reduced to simply “—-‘s mom/dad,” as if having a child stripped away their former identity.

In between trying to learn songs and kick motherhood’s ass, Regan has to deal with another baby in her life, Ava, who’s still having trouble understanding that she doesn’t come first for Regan anymore. Anyone who’s had a best friend who had a baby knows exactly what Ava is feeling, but just like the mommies have to grow up and accept the changes in their lives, so do the friends who feel left behind. I speak from experience. It’s not like you’ll win over the kid and your friend will abandon her baby to come party with you. Unless your friend is Casey Anthony.

Too soon?

Regardless, Up All Night continues to improve in my book. I can’t say enough about the winning combination of Applegate and Rudolph, but Arnett is catching up. He just needs more to do than simply be a great stay-at-home dad and a terrific husband. There’s got to be something wrong with him to make him more interesting.

What did you think of the episode? Would you like to see more or less of Assistant Megan? Mr. Bob: Best Gay Uncle Ever or Most Likely to be Arrested by Los Angeles SVU? Let me know below!