UNFORGETTABLE “Up In Flames” Review

UNFORGETTABLE “Up in Flames” Season 1 Episode 4 – Carrie’s memory is needed more than ever when a crime scene goes “Up in Flames,” in this week’s Unforgettable. With only one glance around the victim’s apartment before a gas leak blows it up, she’s able to solve the murder of a wealthy, unfaithful businessman who got mixed up in a prison money laundering scheme.

I think I’ve figured out what isn’t clicking for me. There’s an inherent problem when you have a cop show where one character possesses a superpower—it tends to reduce the other cops to mere set dressings. Carrie’s memory is a great plot device, but it shouldn’t be the only tool used to solve crimes in New York. Yes, I understand that it’s the main draw, what makes the show stand out from other police dramas, but it’s starting to feel less like a unique twist and more like a writing crutch.

It was interesting, at least for the few minutes allotted to the subplot, to see that even though Carrie’s condition is based in documented medical fact, not everyone is completely willing to trust her memory no matter what. The ADA, for example, wants actual, physical proof (shocker!) and Al has to scramble to find a plausible reason why his entire case is based on his ex-girlfriend’s two-second glance into an apartment that blew up a minute later.

But even the ADA comes around eventually, like a skeptic who was abducted by aliens, a Scully, if you will, and seems to be willing to give Carrie’s memory the same chance that everyone else has by the end of the case. I would have liked it if he remained a thorn in their sides, constantly demanding evidence instead of just conjecture.

There was nothing new on Carrie’s sister’s murder, but it’s clear that Carrie still holds a torch for Al, in that she’s having sex with random strangers, which on TV is usually less about female empowerment and more about trying to forget something, like a past love or an unsolved crime.

All in all, it was a better episode than the ones that have come before it, but I still want to see more out of Unforgettable. I want to see the other cops do more than ask questions and drink coffee while Carrie walks through her memories. I think they deserve better.

What did you think of the episode? Did the glass animal thing make sense to you? For that matter, did the entire plot make sense, as it would have been much easier to get an outside gang member to kill the businessman, rather than kidnapping a child to blackmail a guard to get a prisoner out of jail long enough to make the hit himself? Let me know below!