SUBURGATORY “The Chatterer” Review

SUBURGATORY “The Chatterer” Season 1 Episode 3 – I feel about Suburgatory like how I felt about Modern Family two years ago–absolutely in love. True, “The Chatterer,” is only episode three, so we’re still in the honeymoon stage, but I feel confidant in saying that we’ll be together for awhile.

Please let me not have just jinxed everything.

This week, both Tessa and George tried to reform their new suburban hell, Tessa by joining the school newspaper and George by joining the PTA, but neither one of them were at all successful. ‘Cause you don’t change the suburbs; it changes you, man. It changes you…

After being forced to choose the newspaper over other electives like day-trading and flat-ironing, Tessa single-handedly turns the unpopular Chronicle into the Chatterer, a raggy gossip mag about her schoolmates’ only real concern: themselves. OMG, LMAO!

But when the fun and games get out of hand and her co-writer (the once lame, now slammin’ Medium fan) decides to go after poor Lisa, Tessa knows things have gone too far. Even if the Chatterer has to go back to being the Chronicle, popularity is not worth becoming what she hates the most.

Tessa is the perfect foil to her Red Bull-fueled peers and she’s a big part of why I wish the show was a full hour. But I have to give this episode’s MVP Award to her father, George.

Not only do I have a bit of a crush on him, I absolutely loved seeing a single dad stand up for himself against a legion of female homemakers. He has been both parents for Tessa all of her life and he does not need any overbearing neighbors trying to usurp his position by making lunches for his daughter, thank you very much.

Taking on the PTA takes a real vagina (which is the new balls), but unfortunately, George isn’t quite ready for everything that comes with trying to control everything and everyone, even if the ladies do love his advice about men. Yes, he rocks the mom-jeans, but Tessa doesn’t need a freakish hybrid of dad and mom and Ann Landers; she just needs the great parent who brought her up to think for herself.

If all single dads were like George, the world would be a much cooler place.

I’m going out on a limb and declaring that Suburgatory is my new favorite comedy of the year and more than makes up for the horror that is Whitney.

What did you think of this week’s episode? How much did you love “Kamantha”? Isn’t lemon bars with lemonade a little too much citrus? Let me know below!