SONS OF ANARCHY “With an X” Review

Sons of Anarchy

SONS OF ANARCHY “With an X” Season 4 Episode 6 – Last episode left Juice with a dilemma – would he own up to taking the brick of coke or would he let someone else take the blame? He reluctantly did the latter, leading to the first SAMCRO member death of the fourth season.

After ruling out Juice and the Mayan, suspicion of the theft landed on Miles and the prospects. It didn’t take long for Miles to be ruled out either, and he even took part in a ruse to try and get the prospects to talk. But after everything – including leaving them to kill each other, and Russian roulette – they remained adamant that they were innocent. With time counting down before Romero’s arrival to collect the coke, Juice asked for the guys to give them one last chance to own up and put the brick back.

This was, of course, to give himself time to retrieve the brick and put it back, hopefully without the prospects being harmed. But Miles spotted him and in the tussle that followed Juice was shot in the leg – and Miles was killed. Thoroughly. Or as Happy said, in what is my favourite line of the episode, ‘He’s very dead’.

Juice was smart enough to plant the brick on Miles and blame him for the theft, although he clearly felt awful about it later on. But Juice’s questions about the clubs attitudes towards blacks, and his general behaviour over the course of the day seems to have caught Chibs’ attention.

Back at the clubhouse, Ima was still hanging around after her night with Opie. Tara and Gemma told her to get out, but before she could leave Lyla showed up. Lyla put two and two together and came up with ‘attack the bitch’, which would have been a pretty good plan, I’m sure we can all agree, if Ima hadn’t pulled a gun on her. By the time Opie gets back the club, Ima’s long gone. After a discussion in which Lyla reveals the abortion, Opie tells her that she needs to decide what she wants; he’s moving into the clubhouse until she does.

Jax realised that Tara’s still upset about when he slept with Ima, and so he dealt with it in true Sons fashion – by breaking her nose and telling her to stay away from the club.

One of Tig’s daughters turned up this week. Dawn – or Margox as she calls herself now – wanted twelve thousand dollars to send her twin, Fawn, to rehab to treat her bullemia. Gemma did a little checking and found out that Fawn is fine, but after a day spent together, Tig gave Dawn the money anyway. ‘She’ll just be back for more,’ Gemma told him. ‘Yeah, I know,’ Tig replied, in what may be one of the sweetest Tig moments to date.

Suspecting Clay may want to take Tara out because of John Teller’s letters and her own curiosity, Unser went to ask for Roosevelt’s help. Because of his unwillingness to give names or details, Roosevelt seemingly blew him off. So Unser took it into his own hands, and wrote a threatening note to leave in Tara’s car to get her guard up.

Which may seem like overkill – if Clay wasn’t trying to murder her. Clay asked Romero to arrange it – Romero said he would need more information, but it was doable and would ‘take a few days’ to arrange. It looks like Tara’s time is running out – let’s just hope that Unser’s note helps save her life.

So, wow, that happened. I thought that the prospects would point the finger at Juice, leading to a lot of ‘he did it’ ‘no, he did it’. I definitely wasn’t expecting what actually happened. Miles was a great character and it’s really a shame that we won’t get to see more of him, but his death was a great piece of TV. And it will be interesting to see how Juice deals – we already saw him looking a bit shaken after the Russians were taken out in the first episode of the season, so what effect will the killing of an innocent friend have on him, especially since he did it to save his own ass?

As for Opie, well, I don’t particularly like Lyla anyway. She’s a nice enough character but their pairing up has always seemed more like Opie trying to fill a void than actually wanting her. I wouldn’t hate it if they did split up, but I suspect we may not know the outcome for a while yet. It seems like something that will probably be resolved after the Tara situation – after all, any attempts on Tara’s life is going to make Opie think about Donna even more.

That’s an important comparison here. Donna’s death was an accident caused by Clay trying to kill Opie for something he didn’t even do. It was a huge mess and it hurt Opie and his family, and left an old lady dead. Now Clay is actively trying to kill an old lady, a woman who knows too much but hasn’t actually used the knowledge yet – unless you count telling Piney. Which leaves us with this: will Clay attempt to kill Piney too? I can’t see Tara actually being killed, but sadly I can see Piney’s death as a real possibility. He’s an awesome character – I love how he walloped Opie – but he’s probably the most superfluous of the Sons. Watch your back, Piney…

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