RINGER “A Whole New Kind Of Bitch” Review

A Whole New Kind of Bitch

RINGER “A Whole New Kind Of Bitch” Episode 5 – After RINGER surprised us last week with Bridget confessing to Gemma that she wasn’t Siobhan, I didn’t think that Ringer would be able to kick up the story a notch this soon! However, the writers at The CW surprised me this week with “A While New Kind of Bitch”!

Basically it’s Bridget trying to convince Gemma to not spill the beans to Andrew about her taking over Siobhan’s identity. Gemma is still reeling from, well, everything. Her husband was cheating on her with her best friend who is now dead, and all of a sudden her BFF has a long lost twin. I have to hand it to Gemma, while I initially thought she was taking the twin sister thing really well, she does start to doubt Bridget, until she remembers a scar that Siobhan had on her wrist. Bridget does NOT have this mark, which proves that Bridget is Bridget and not Siobhan.

Gemma decides to divorce Henry and tells Bridget that she will not give her up to Andrew, but only if Bridget does her a favor. Turns out Gemma and Henry have an infidelity clause in their marriage, and Gemma wants Bridget (as Siobhan) to sleep with Henry and let Gemma catch them in the act. This will ensure that Henry doesn’t get any of her money OR her children.

Bridget has her own issues to deal with: Juliet is acting out again, and has followed Bridget to her narcotics anonymous meeting. When Juliet confronts her (in front of Andrew) about it, Bridget passes it off as “research” for Juliet’s possible addiction. He buys into it, and all is right in the world again.

Or is it? Juliet sneaks out, Bridget doesn’t go through with sleeping with Henry. In fact, she warns him about Gemma’s game plan, and tells him to go home and make things right. Bridget then does the same and Gemma comes storming in to tell Andrew about his fake wife, but he’s already out looking for Juliet. Bridget convinces Gemma to return home giving her the line: “I know Siobhan wasn’t a good friend to you, but let me try.” Gemma agrees and heads back to Henry.

On the way home, Henry calls her and tells her that Siobhan warned him about the divorce and he was NOT going to allow her to take his life away. Cut to Bridget and Andrew retrieving Juliet from a noisy club and having a heart to heart moment about how Siobhan ruined Juliet’s family. Apparently that explains her issues. Bridget/ Siobhan apologizes and the three leave. It looks like Juliet and Bridget may become friends after all!

Then Ringer kicks it up a notch. Andrew gets a phone call from a sobbing Gemma asking him to come over, it’s an emergency. He goes to the house where Henry answers the door and says Gemma isn’t home, she must have called from the office. He won’t let Andrew in the house, and when Andrew leaves, we follow Henry through his destroyed living room, complete with blood stains on the walls… but no Gemma.

What happened? Is Gemma dead? Bleeding out on the floor? What’s the deal, Ringer? This was a great episode – one that really stepped up and made Ringer a game changer. What did you think?

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