NCIS “Enemy on the Hill” Review

NCIS (CBS) Enemy On The Hill

NCIS “Enemy on the Hill” Season 9 Episode 4 – In this episode the team is on the hunt of a killer, except this time it’s a killer who leads them to the fact that there’s a killer to be caught. A hit man gets hit…no not that kind of hit; the kind that involves a truck, not a gun. After that they have to catch the person who hired the hit man, which leads them on a very wild and confusing chase.

But really, the whole case thing was basically just filler for what I felt was the real story. Abby, in that incredibly sweet and giving nature she has, decides to donate a kidney to a stranger. The hospital does some tests and, low and behold, discovers that another man who wants to donate is her brother. Only trouble is that Abby doesn’t know the man and after a lot of searching realizes that she is adopted.

Maybe it’s because we don’t get that many Abby stories, but I didn’t expect this one to go where it did. The kidney thing I thought would be a one-off story and I figured she’d just meet her brother and that would be that. I’m sure that Abby will eventually decide to talk to him at some point but the whole adoption thing definitely added a lot more complications. If he’d been just a half-brother or a child her parents had given up, it might have been a lot simpler. This story has the potential to continue for quite a while and I’m excited to see where it goes.

My favorite bits..

Not being at all surprised that Abby would volunteer to give up a kidney. That is so like her.

Gibbs warning Abby not to commit to anything, until she spoke to him I assume. Very good idea.

Tony asking Sportelli if he had to cuff the unconscious man when he arrested him. LOL.

Wondering why it is that whenever people on TV get told that someone is trying to kill them they immediately refuse protection and choose not to believe it. If that were me, I’d be all over the protection.

Wow, I so did not see that coming. I just thought this kidney thing was going to be a nice little side story. Yay for getting some more background on Abby.

Snorting out loud when McGee tried to claim he was not obsessed with jet packs. Yeah right, Timmy.

Tony wisely changing his mind about admiring the hit man. Amazing what a good smack to the back of the head can do for one’s attitude.

Knowing that Tony must have a reason for acting wacky by the garage. There is always a method to his madness.

Poor Abby trying to talk to an aunt who was obviously suffering from dementia.

Aw, sweet pic in Abby’s locket. I love that it is actually a picture of Pauley’s mother.

Haha! I love random people calling Gibbs “Boss”. If I met Gibbs, I might be tempted to call him that, too.

LOL! That land lady was awesome.

“You’re a woman.”
“What gave it away?” – Brilliant detective work there, Tony.

The looks passing between Tony and McGee behind Drew’s back.

Whoa, Abby must be distracted. I have never heard her tell Gibbs she hadn’t done any of the work he needed.

Tony and McGee playing a game of quick draw with phones.

Gibbs telling McGee to see what he could find out about Abby’s brother.

Tony calling McGee and Abby his Dynamic Duo.

Aw c’mon McGee, what’s the fun in having Tony tell stuff like a normal human being? I rather liked his little dance.

Ziva’s end of the conversation when Tony told her the truth about Brett.

I’m so with Abby. If I found out I had a sibling out there I would be dying to meet them. Though that could be because I’m an only child.

OMG is that Abby’s brother? Damn they did a great job finding someone who looks just like her. So totally sweet! Fun fact: He is played by Daniel Rivas, who is Pauley’s ex boyfriend in real life.

Abby coming to Gibbs’ door and NOT finding him working on a boat?? *brain explodes*

Oh wow, Abby was adopted? Again, I so didn’t see all this coming.

Gibbs reassuring Abby that she is still the same person, because family is more than DNA.

Gibbs hugging Abby and telling her that she had a family and they would help her through it. Aw man, that bit killed me.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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