CSI “Maid Man” Review

CSI Maid Man Review

CSI “Maid Man” Season 12 Episode 4 – CSI returned this week with a goofy episode called “Maid Man”. With a few of the crime lab members checking out a new mobster exhibit, an ex mayor is shot four times, mobster style, while he’s giving a speech. Upon further investigation, Catherine and D.B. (I guess that’s Danson’s official name?) found a dead security guard. Meanwhile, on the B case, Nick and the new chick investigate the murder of a maid in a hotel room.

I couldn’t believe that miss Ecklie actually asked Nick how you get assigned to the “Primo cases”. That’s basically the CSI writers saying that yes, one of the cases here is more important than the other. It’s been one of my biggest complaints with this show that they always seem to feel the need to have two cases a week, when one is clearly being favored as the primary case.

Well, wouldn’t you believe it, but the gangster case ended up being the more intriguing one. My wife called the maid being the one who did it as soon as she saw it, and I have to admit that even I saw that one coming from a mile away. The only semi-intriguing part of this story was Ecklie being so judgmental and angry towards the prince who had the hotel room, as she ended up feeling more empathetic towards him than she thought.

The main case ended up not being as exciting of a conclusion as we were led to believe. You would think that Vinnie was going to come back, or that something a bit more dramatic was at play here, but finding out that his ex-wife was behind it all was anti-climactic.

I’m really starting to like Ted Danson’s character quite a bit more than I thought he would. His more playful and hands-on attitude is a welcome presence on the show, so I’m glad that he’s a stand out on a show that is feeling rather stale after 12 years.

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Random Thoughts:

– The swizzle stick in the eye was one of the grossest thing we’ve seen on CSI in quite a while.

– Who are all of these nameless lab technicians that everybody is talking to like we’re supposed to know them? I know that people don’t watch CSI for the great story development, but it still catches me off guard.