The Way Too Early Best New Shows Post

Way too early best new show post

We have now entered week 4 of the fall TV season. Some new shows are starting to hit their stride, while others are still trying to find themselves (we’re all looking at you, Whitney). We still don’t know what these shows will become. Naturally, that makes it a perfect time to declare which shows are the best new shows of the season! Going by category, let’s make some way too early proclamations about the best new shows of the season.

Best New Procedural

PERSON OF INTEREST– A highly enjoyable way to spend an hour. CBS has produced a perfect show for their audience and timeslot. You don’t have to overthink anything, the action comes fast and furious while building suspense, and there is always a satisfying conclusion. It will be fun to learn more about the mysterious past of both of the partners, but the procedural aspect of the show will be what drives for as many years as the particulars wish to be a part of it.

Best New Comedy

NEW GIRL– You could make a case for Suburgatory here, but I think (and many agree) that New Girl is the runaway hit of the season regardless of genre. Though I refuse to use the word that everyone uses to describe the show (it rhymes with shmayorkable), there is no disputing that this show has some laugh out loud funny moments each week. Besides, any show brave enough to attempt a slow motion chicken dance, and execute it, deserves the top spot.

Best New Drama

Homeland showtime cast photo
HOMELAND– A strong start for the Showtime drama based around an American POW that has potentially been turned by his captors. The pilot hinted very strongly that he may have been turned, but my guess is that we will have far more twists to come as the season evolves. Damian Lewis is outstanding as the American POW and Claire Danes does all you can do with an overly-obsessed, possibly mentally unstable analyst for the CIA.

Best New Show About Dinosaurs

TERRA NOVA– Fine, I cheated so I could say a few words about Terra Nova. The writers insist that the show is really a family drama that happens to be set in the time of the dinosaurs by way of 2149. Here’s the problem with their insistence: There are dinosaurs! While reading various media outlets and participating in water cooler conversations, one thing is clear: We want more dinosaurs, and less of the family. The teenage son of our family unit is so maddening that I actively rooted for the dinosaurs to eat him during the pilot.

All that being said, the action scenes are really well done. Hopefully, the Terra Nova writers are listening and will give us more dino-based excitement and less forced, flat family conversation.

Best New Reality Show

THE X FACTOR- Simon has done it again. Granted, the reality show crop isn’t particularly impressive this fall, but The X Factor is still a well done show. For those of you who have been miffed by every American Idol performance being received with Hosannas by the new cast of characters, The X Factor brings back some good, old-fashioned, honest cruelty. The early returns aren’t as big as Idol, but give it time, Simon knows what he’s doing.

What say you, populators of the interwebs? What are your favorite new shows of the season? Feel free to tell me in the comments below, or follow me on Twitter to discuss it further.

See you soon.

The TV Czar