THE LYING GAME “Sex, Lies, and Hard Knock Highs” Review

THE LYING GAME Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High

THE LYING GAME “Sex, Lies, and Hard Knock Highs” Episode 9 – Although secrets are revealed only occasionally on THE LYING GAME, tonight we received a big one. Annie is Alec’s wife’s sister. That also means that Annie is Char’s Aunt. Based on Char’s mother’s description of Annie, I wonder if she even knows that Annie gave birth to Sutton and Emma. Thinking that your baby died would certainly be enough to land you in a psych ward. Does the comment that Annie stopped being her sister a long time ago reference the time that Annie was with both Alec and Ted? Did she betray Char’s mother? Just when you think you learn something on The Lying Game, you find that there are only more questions to be asked.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sutton’s turn as Emma on this episode. It proved much more difficult for Sutton to pretend she is someone she is not, especially when that someone’s social circle is basically at the bottom of the ladder. In fact, she managed not to fool Lexi at all. I loved Sutton’s expression after she arrived at school all dolled up and waiting for everyone to fawn all over her. Aside from the one guy that wanted to sleep with her, most of the kids seemed pretty indifferent to her entrance. My favorite part of Sutton playing Emma was Sutton telling Emma’s foster mom to stay away or she would regret it. It is clear that Emma was never able to stand up to her foster mother quite as strongly. Can you imagine what a force Emma and Sutton would be as a team?

In other news, Kristen finds a condom in the wash and confronts Laurel who admits she has been sleeping with Justin. Ted then goes to have some words with Justin, who turns the tables on him and basically lectures him about honesty. How strange was his comment to Ted that he thought he was a man that would never lie? Justin knows something for sure. My new guess is that Justin is somehow related to Annie and is coming to seek revenge on Ted or Alec. Based on looks alone, I wonder if Justin is not related to Annie and Char. So many mysteries.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Lying Game? I loved how the show ended on such a sweet note with Ethan offering to follow Emma wherever she goes. Next week is the season finale. What do you think is going to happen? Tell me in the comment section below.

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