PRIMEVAL Roars Back to Life on BBC America on Saturdays


Starting on November 12 at 9 PM, the popular UK series PRIMEVAL will return to the line-up on BBC America. The series, now in its fifth season, is “bigger and badder than ever before”.

There are dark secrets coming to the surface, relationships will be tested and the anomalies – the holes in the fabric of time that the centerpiece of the series – are becoming more unpredictable and numerous. The end of the world seems to be just around the corner and team will be pushed to their limits to stop the apocalypse.

Without giving away too many secrets of the new season, suffice it to say, there will be new faces introduced, including Janice Byrne as April, a new lab assistant hired by businessman and scientist Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig) with the rest of the team Matt (Ciaran McMenamin), Abby (Hannah Spearrit) and Connor (Andrew-Lee Potts) hard at work.

“The stakes are high and lives are lost. The team seems to be facing a losing battle, running out of weapons and time while fighting to save the ARC and bring down hordes of future predators. At the brink of catastrophe, it seems as though everything could be changed forever. Could this mean the end of the human race?”

Tune in to BBC America on November 12 at 9 PM for the amazing adventure of Primeval.