HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Field Trip” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Field Trip” Season 7, Episode 5 – I’ve been trying to figure out how much time has passed in the How I Met Your Mother universe since Ted became a professor of architecture. I’d guess it’s been roughly 3 seasons and I’m not sure what that means in terms of actual time passing but based on this failure of a field trip, he’s either still pretty new to the faculty or maybe he’s just… Ted.

Being that the field trip to the building’s construction site was a bust, Ted did what any quick thinking professor would do. He led his class into the waiting arms of Barney Stinson. He had a presentation for Ted’s class called “Sex Lessons” but having discovered that Nora found Ewoks to be repulsive, Barney’s mind was racing with the realization that Nora had to be at least 37.

Barney was cracking me up with his detailed “Ewok Line” graph and the many slides he had prepared on the “Ewok’s rich backstory.” The best part about it was that I think that many Star Wars fans would agree with Barney’s Ewok Line graph, but probably no other person would use Nora’s simple dislike of Ewoks to reverse calculate her age. Barney’s final lines to Nora on the subject, “I know you’re old!” were hilarious, but if I were Nora, I don’t know how I would feel about being told I had “one good year left” at 29.

I was a bit surprised when Robin didn’t hook up with her therapist in last week’s How I Met Your Mother and as it turns out, I was just a week early in my assumptions. Robin and her therapist, Kevin, ended their doctor-patient relationship and replaced it with one of those regular boy-girl relationships. I’m on the fence about this relationship although I think I’m leaning with Ted and his students in thinking it’s a tad strange. At the very least, it’s probably not the healthiest thing for Robin to do and maybe Kevin will be able to refer her to one of his colleagues so she can continue her therapy.

Marshall continued working toward his lifelong mission to save the planet and in doing so, he became the fire under Cootes’ submissive seat. As Ted tells us in the narration, he actually does go on to save the world but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s something we’ll get to see on How I Met Your Mother.

Overall, not a bad episode of How I Met Your Mother, but there wasn’t much in terms of substantial plot development and it felt a little bit like space filler. The Ewok stuff was great and Barney and Ted using his students to settle old disputes was pretty funny, but it wasn’t enough to make it my favorite episode of the season thus far.