HAWAII FIVE-0 “Mea Makamae” Review

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) "Mea Makamae"

HAWAII FIVE-0 “Mea Makamae” Season 2 Episode 4 – About halfway through this episode I realized something. The fact that I was enjoying this one much more than last week’s. The team dynamic was back on track and I found that, miracle of miracles, I didn’t actually want to scream any time Weston was on screen. In fact, when she was interviewing the old woman with Alzheimer’s I found myself almost liking her. These are major improvements.

The team is put on the case of a body (okay, parts of a body) that wash up on shore. The investigation leads them to buried treasure, but ultimately turns out to be about a man who simply wanted to give his grandmother peace.

Like I said, the team dynamic was much improved over last week’s episode and I was very happy to see everyone pretty much back where they belonged. Well, except for Kono of course. She’s still working for the bad guys but I can’t decide if she truly is bad herself or is somehow undercover. The good news is that it appears as though the mystery will be solved in next week’s episode.

Meanwhile Steve has found out that Joe is withholding information from him about the video with his father, Wo Fat and the former Governor. Joe tells him that it may not be worth risking his entire family and ruining their name but Steve definitely believes it’s worth it. I have a feeling this means that Steve’s sister could end up in danger again.

Finally there was Danny, who is starting to feel something for another woman after the fiasco with his ex. Like Steve said, he did need to get back in the game and I was happy to see him ask out the cute doctor in the end. Hopefully this relationship won’t hold quite as much drama for him as his last one did.

My favorite bits..

Actually thinking the sister was right, that kid was being a bit of a jerk to do that on a crowded beach. Is it wrong that I was happy when the hand scared the crap out of him?

Kamekon’s face on that shrimp thing on his apron. Awesome and…well, sorta creepy.

Joe snarfing that shrimp like it was nothing while Steve was trying to put the fire out in his mouth. LOL.

Okay I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet, but I’m ready to barf after Max put that hand on like a glove. *swallows hard*

Trying really hard to fight back the “Aarrgh!” that wanted to escape me as soon as I saw the gold in the tank.

Steve having to nudge Danny out of his trance when he met Gabriella. Looks like someone’s got a crush

Haha! Yes! I knew this case was going to involve pirates.

Yes! A cargument! A real one this time – with Steve and Danny, and over a woman no less.

Okay to be technical, if you are going to ride a horse, drinking a cup of coffee is a terrible place to start. Oh wait. I see what Steve meant.

Steve picking the flower for Catherine. Sure it was to sweeten her up so he could ask about the video, but it was still nice.

Finding it interesting how Weston doesn’t bother me half as much when she’s out on her own and interviewing people.

“Those coins? They’re about as real as your tan.”

Chin telling his friend that the login at Kono’s house had actually been him.

“He talked to you about this? What’re we in high school?”

The look on Danny’s face when Steve said he was taking a “partner” diving with him.

Thinking it was funny that Kono said she hadn’t wanted to cause Chin any trouble, which is exactly what logging in under his password would do.

“No I don’t want to help, there’s actually a hand over there.” – Haha!

Max’s excitement at finding out he was going to JPAC.

“You need a paper bag or something?”

Shrimp flavored ice cream? Oh no, there goes my stomach again.

Steve finding out that Joe never sent a request to the DOD. Uh oh.

Steve hugging Catherine goodbye.

Danny telling Grace that he was going to kiss her all over her little monkey face and that Danno loved her. Aw!

Danny finally asking Gabriella out for that cup of coffee.

Chin going to Kono to tell her she wasn’t alone.

Steve telling Joe that no matter how bad it was, he still needed to know what was on that tape.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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