HART OF DIXIE “Gumbo and Glory” Review

HART OF DIXIE “Gumbo and Glory” Season 1 Episode 3 – On HART OF DIXIE, the entire town of Bluebell is gearing up for their annual gumbo cook off, and this year Zoe decides that she’s going to win it all! In her mind, winning this competition will solidify her spot in the town, but it turns out that Brick is the reigning town champion. So, the gumbo turns out to be just another thing that Zoe gets to use to compete against Dr. Breeland.

Add to this a snake bite that Zoe has to research (by leaving the patient at the office and getting bit by the snake herself), Wade being adorable and flirty, and a farm accident while shopping for gumbo ingredients, well. Zoe isn’t having her best day ever.

The accident actually turns out to be somewhat of a bonding experience for Brick and Zoe – he’s called in to assist because of Zoe’s gimp snake bite hand, and she walks him through a procedure that ultimately saves the victims life (and arm). However, Brick takes full credit for saving the man, and when Zoe confronts him about it; he gives her another lesson in bedside manner. It’s not enough to just SAVE the victim, you have to be willing to go further: ride to the hospital, speak to the patient’s spouse, etc.

Zoe does step up and toasts Brick at the cook-off, which makes him turn a little softer towards her. At the end of the episode, we actually get to see Brick tell one of his patients that he’s going to be a while, but Dr. Hart could help with her issue. Pretty crazy, right? I don’t see this being a complete turning point for Brick, but he needed to have a little humanity put into his character for us to relate even a little bit.

Lemon, on the other hand, is green with jealousy from the attention the mayor is giving her father’s new receptionist. Lemon even goes as far as to find the girl a job in a new county to get her out of the way. Pretty desperate measures for someone that’s engaged to a DELICIOUS lawyer.

Once again, Hart of Dixie is cute, smart, funny, and my favorite new show of the fall!

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