90210 “Party Politics” Review

90210 “Party Politics” Season 4 Episode 5 – For an episode which had a lot of reveals…it certainly didn’t feel like much actually happened in “Party Politics,” this week’s 90210. But we did get the return of Teddy. So that’s something.

Does anyone else feel like the Liam-Boat People story came to much too neat of a conclusion? They set up all this drama…a return from the dead, a grief-fueled romance, a pregnancy…and then just when the plot seemed to be picking up steam…it was over. All it took was one fist fight between Liam and his not-so-dead summer friend and a near-miscarriage for everything to be forgiven.

I just feel like there’s got to be more going on with all of that. Does Jane have to give the life insurance money back now? Or will she and her hubby skip town with it? Did they plan this all along? Give me something, anything! Just please don’t put Liam and Adrianna together. I beg of you, 90210. Just don’t.

Annie continued on her journey towards full-fledged hookerdom, but it seems like she might have an unexpected traveling companion in Navid’s sister, Leila. Of course, we already know that Leila is morally flexible when it comes to money, but can she keep her mouth shut about Annie’s after-hours gig? I somehow doubt it.

Speaking of Navid, Silver all but dumped him when she found a bag of his uncle’s dirty money and the truth about the studio and the car-theft ring came tumbling out. I think Silver might be the only character on the show who actually can school someone else on ethics, but I also think she was harder on Navid than she should have been. The boy’s had a lot thrown at him at a time in most men’s lives when they’re still trying to figure out how to do their laundry without help from mom. Cut him some slack, Silver.

Meanwhile, Naomi (who I’m pleasantly surprised to find out hasn’t abandoned her less-than-perfect sorority sisters) decided to throw a massive party to get people to vote in a local election that will pit Teddy’s homophobic uncle (awkward family dinner time!) against Brandy. Teddy elected to stand by his anti-gay rights uncle even though Teddy’s summer romance, Shane, turns out to be Brandy’s campaign manager. It’s a little Romeo and Juliet and I totally approve.

What I don’t approve of is Naomi continuing to fall for Cowboy Austin even now that Max is back in the picture. Yes, he is much more her type, but that was the beauty of the Naomi/Max pairing, that they were complete opposites! Putting Naomi with Austin is no different than putting her with Liam again. Except I like Liam more. Max brings out the best in Naomi, as she herself says, and while I’m glad she hasn’t dumped him outright and that she told him the truth about sleeping with Austin, I still feel like our Beauty and the Geek romance is heading towards a very sad ending.

Oh and Dixon is still on drugs. For anyone who’s keeping track of 90210 addictions. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

So, a lot happened. But did we really get anywhere? I can’t say that I feel like I know more now than I did an hour ago. Except that Brandy is going to be a recurring character and I’m really not going to like Teddy’s uncle.

What did you think of the episode? Did Naomi’s party make you want to vote? Do you just wish Liam would pour beer on his chest again? Let me know below!