2 BROKE GIRLS “And The Rich People Problems” Review

2 Broke Girls “And The Rich People Problem” Season 1 Episode 4 – Four episodes in and this show is starting to rise back to the level of the pilot after a pretty poor second episode. Second episodes of series are often among their worst: a pilot establishes the characters and setting and plot, the second episode has to re-establish much of it without branching off into its own being. It’s pretty tedious stuff and unfortunately 2 Broke Girls fell into that trap.

But this fourth episode was solid affairs and I really really like this show. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs have such good chemistry and their duo is so fun to watch that I can overlook the other stuff which is not working quite as well – mainly having to do with the secondary characters in the diner, who have yet to break out of that racial stereotype bounds and become fully functioning people.

This episode of the show sidled back into the territory which made me fall for the show in the first place. Max and Caroline bonded over their single parent households in a way which was sweet without being sentimental. Max’s caustic humor against Caroline’s sincerity is a great mix and it allows them to go deeper into their characters without getting all saccharine and annoying.

The show still has an adversity to staying in one or two locations: I’d like to see way more of the diner, but in this episode we went from the diner to Caroline’s old house to a sushi bar to a subway dentist’s office – it was all fun, but I hope the show will do a few bottle episodes and really give the diner a chance to become its own character. Plus, more time spent at the diner would provide more opportunities to get to know the supporting cast.

This episode was a really solid instalment, funny without trying too hard and very well written, offering both Dennings and Behrs a chance to shine.

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